H.P. Lovecraft and H.R. Giger: How Their Dreams Became Our Nightmares

Fantastic eZine found here….,In Lovecraft view, one myth is as valid as another. An ecstatic produced in an individual by reading Lovecraft’s stories was as real as those produced by religious myths.

Lovecraft eZine

This post is by John A. DeLaughter, a Lovecraft eZine contributor.

H.R. Giger, by Marvin Lorenz H.R. Giger, by Marvin Lorenz

“The Dutch customs once thought my pictures were photos. Where on earth did they think I could have photographed my subjects? In Hell, perhaps?” (1)

“If there not be some virtue in plain TRUTH; then our fair dreams, delusions, & follies are as much esteemed are our sober waking hours & comforts they bring, If TRUTH amounts to nothing, then we must regard the phantasmata of our slumbers just as seriously as the events in our daily lives…” (2)

Howard Phillips Lovecraft and Hans Rudolf “Ruedi” Giger. In portrait, both men looked quite ordinary. Whether on a busy sidewalk in a European capital like Zurich, Switzerland, or a congested walkway in the Red Hook district of Brooklyn, New York – there was nothing about either man that would make them stand out in a crowd.

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