“The first rule of magic is simple. Don’t waste your time waving your hands and hoping when a rock or a club will do.”



A Curse is defined as the use of enchantment techniques to bring harm to another person or

persons. Love and war being the human animal’s favorite pastimes, aggressive magic is probably second

only to love spells in sheer popularity and interest. To some, Hex magic is an abomination, and should never be spoken of except when accompanied by a dire warning to avoid it at all costs.This is much more often the case on the Right Hand Path then the Left. Clichés about giving loaded guns to children will be dutifully spouted. I don’t agree with the analogy. It would be more accurate to describe it as giving a child a box full of the parts to construct a gun, along with gunpowder, lead and shell casings with a reloading machine to make the bullets. It’s highly unlikely that a total novice will be able to assemble the parts into anything harmful, to themselves or anyone else. By the time they

accumulate the knowledge necessary to construct something dangerous, they will also know how to

avoid shooting themselves in the foot (But oftentimes, feet still get shot off in the process ).

What remains are the ethical considerations of arming people with the weapons of magic.This is completely subjective, as all ethical choices are.  Personally, I consider it to be similar to teaching people any other kind of martial art. It’s very rare to hear about a black belt holder in karate going around beating people up for no good reason or getting into bar fights.

Like martial artists, most magicians with sufficient power to actually bring harm to anyone else:

A) Have better things to do with their time.

B) Have come to know that there are usually more efficient ways to deal with potentially violent


C) Have achieved a centered mind and the self-discipline that makes senseless violence unappealing.

There will always be exceptions to the rule, of course. If a Hex is needed, and at times it is needed quite badly, it should be done with efficiency and skill.As a Left Hand Path Practitioner your only judge on if your Magic is “Black” or not comes from your own will, not some outside force. Aggression by means of magic must be approached with the same attitude of seriousness one should bring to any other form of aggravated assault. If one cannot conceive of doing physical violence against

an enemy, then certainly one will be equally unable to do so Magically. Any coward can swagger about

brandishing a gun, but be totally incapable of handling the consequences of pointing it at someone and

blowing their head off. Magical curses have been known not only to inflict grievous harm on their intended targets but on any others in the target’s proximity as well — and quite often instead of the intended target. Magical violence (like any form of violence) is an extremely blunt instrument. The greatest disadvantage of magical attack

is its maddeningly bad accuracy. All of these negative connotations are multiplied when two or more

magicians attack each other. Peter Carroll aptly described it as fighting a duel with hand grenades.

It often comes down to the fact that if you have to take a motherfucker out with Magic, frist look to Sun Tzu, as he said in The Art Of War, “Supreme excellence in warfare is to defeat the enemy without engaging in battle.” and if you can’t, then be no more emotional about calling death upon your victim than stepping on a cockroach.


“The first rule of magic is simple. Don’t waste your time waving your hands and hoping when a rock or a club will do.” was originally published on The Hidden Left Hand

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