Alleluia! The Devil’s Carnival – The Live Experience: A Review by Vincent Piazza

Q&A2“What the Fuck is this Movie about?”-Barry Bostwick

And that was the Question asked often before and after I went to Alleluia! The Devil’s Carnival – The Live Experience, sometimes whispered, sometimes shouted during the Q&A. The Answer was different depending on who you talked to, and I love a movie like that. This Horror/ Musical/ Visual sensation is the brain child of cult filmmakers Darren Lynn Bousman and Terrance Zdunich, the creators of 2008’s REPO! THE GENETIC OPERA and 2012’s THE DEVIL’S CARNIVAL: EPISODE ONE. I watched episode one, on recommendation a month ago from a friend, and was blown away by the skill and artistry of the entire film.When the Prytania Theatre rolled out with this presentation of part two, I truly had no choice but to go. I mean the cinematography, the singing, and the story line of the film is just that good.Now know, gentle reader, that I’m not a long time fan of this, but am quickly becoming one! Speaking of Fans, The Devil’s Carnival has them in spades and the Fandom base is strong. With a devotion I’ve not seen since Rocky Horror Picture Show, this film series is destined to become an immediate cult classic.From what I could gather, this movie is just as much about the Fans, as it is about the fight between Good and Evil (and whats good and evil here is never what it first appears to be). To give you an example, here are just a few photos of some of the Sinners ans Saints who came all dressed up for the show…IMAG0301IMAG0299IMAG0296IMAG0291IMAG0290IMAG0284 (1)IMAG0287 (1)

But, as I started this review with the question,”What the Fuck is this movie about?” let me cover that a little, without giving too much away.It all starts in Episode one (and if you haven’t seen it, drop everything your doing and download the bloody movie, and if you hate it,well, I can’t give you good taste; only a great review, so I’m sorry)With a story about an obsessed father (Sean Patrick Flanery), a kleptomaniac (Briana Evigan), and a gullible teenager (Jessica Lowndes) Who are cast from Heaven by God (Paul Sorvino). They find themselves trapped in the midway of “The Devil’s Carnival”. The Story becomes a book, read to a child  by Lucifer (Terrance Zdunich), and it only gets more interesting from that point on. Part Two brings us a pissed off Lucifer Plotting against Heaven and shows us the “Wonders” of Heavenly Productions Incorporated” Bad things happen to good people, and we find out that which glitters isn’t always gold….Still with me? Good, for that is all I can tell you without giving away more then I’d like of the film.Back to Live Experience. The Merchandise table was filled to the brim with great swag, things that any sinner would adore to possess.The Pre-show and Q&A with Darren Lynn Bousman, Terrance Zdunich and Barry Bostwick, was very personable and well received, and I could tell these guys are real Horror Fans. Instead of feeding us some line of bullshit about how long it took to make the film and how hard it was, they told us how much they loved making it and gave us some real insight on what it’s like being on the road, showing an Indie Film like this.The three gentlemen in question, and the awesome crew that comes with them, go from city to city, some 32 stops, driving in a small van to bring this production to you. That in itself demands some major respect, and I tip My Hat  to the dedication they must have to pull off such a feat.



The full cast includes such names as, Victoriandustrial rocker Emilie Autumn, Barry Bostwick (The Rocky Horror Picture Show), heavy metal hotties the Butcher Babies, Chantal Claret (Morningwood), Dayton Callie (Sons Of Anarchy), Briana Evigan (Step Up franchise), Brea Grant (Heroes), David Hasselhoff (Baywatch), Kristina Klebe (Rob Zombie’s Halloween), J Larose (Insidious), Mighty Mike Murga (Mini Kiss), Bill Moseley (The Devil’s Rejects), Ted Neeley (Jesus Christ Superstar), Adam Pascal (Rent), rap icon Tech N9ne, Nivek Ogre (Skinny Puppy), Marc Senter (The Lost), Lyndon Smith (Parenthood), Paul Sorvino (Goodfellas), Jimmy Urine (Mindless Self Indulgence), Danny Worsnop (Asking Alexandria) and Terrance Zdunich (Repo! The Genetic Opera).

A great time was had by all, and I do plan on following all of Darren Lynn Bousman’s and Terrance Zdunich’s upcoming projects, they gave us a sneak peak of a few of them, including something called American Murder Song,A collection of original murder ballads by Terrance Zdunich and Saar Hendelman….. you can find more info on it here.

I hope you all enjoyed my Review!More info on the Devil’s Carnival can be found on the webpage , go take a look and let me know what you think! Stay Gold Folks….

Alleluia! The Devil’s Carnival – The Live Experience: A Review by Vincent Piazza was originally published on The Hidden Left Hand

Skullfuck :An Exercise in Dream Recall


Purpose: This is an exercise to aid in the recollection of dreams through the use of visualization and tactile imagery. It is best performed at the times that one begins to fall asleep.

1. Relax; take a few deep breaths, and concentrate on the present sensation of the extremities.
2. Allow yourself to feel the gradual decrease in sensitivity of the limbs as you drop off to sleep.


3. Switch your attention rapidly from limb to limb, but block out extraneous thoughts as completely as possible.

4. When nearly all sensation is lost in the extremities, switch your attention to the spine; localize your attention to the sensation at each vertebra. Send a current of energy up from the base very slowly to the top.

5. When the current reaches the top, visualize the entire spine as a penis, and the point where it enters the skull as the sexually-oriented orifice of your choice. Male or Female, this should not be a hard visualization (or should be, pun intended )

6. Concentrate now on the sensation of the spine-penis entering the foramen magnum-orifice. When bringing the sensation to the conscious level, recall that it is your penis and/or your orifice;  a great deal of sensation is being generated.

7. Hold the images and sensations in mind until you do, in fact, fall asleep. Attempt immediately to hold up your dream-hands in front of your eyes.

By practicing this nightly, near total dream recall is achieved in a relatively short time. I’ve found that better access to one’s dreams often equates to finding a lot of excellent raw material for personalized magickal work, insofar as many of the archetypes to be worked with can be found there.This technique took about 30 days of work before
functioning correctly.Yes you are fucking yourself, but I ask you, when in life are you not? You may as well put such fucking to good use,no?

Thanks to Sri Palindrome.151 for the inspiration and for teaching me this exercise in 1995.

Art- Skullfuck by Vincent Piazza- Copyright 2015

Skullfuck :An Exercise in Dream Recall was originally published on The Hidden Left Hand

The Black Art of Corpse magic Part II : Stealing the Soul and Zombi making

zombi 1Another variation of Corpse magic is the Ritual of capturing a Human Spirit. In Taoist Magic, this technique was popular among sorcerers who practiced black magic, and it required the Wu to use Five Deadly Poisons in
order to cause a chosen victim to fall into a coma.This is very similar to the Vodoun process of creating a zombie and from what I’ve read, they do exist in Haiti in the present day. Thousands of people in Haiti are considered to be zombies, some of which lead normal everyday lives with families, jobs and are respected citizens. It’s even considered to be a crime to make a zombie in Haiti.

Haitian Penal Code:

Article 249. It shall also be qualified as attempted murder the employment which may be made against any person of substances which, without causing actual death, produce a lethargic coma more or less prolonged. If, after the person had been buried, the act shall be considered murder no matter what result follows.


First and foremost (Vodoun) Voodoo is a religion, so please respect it. It is the dominant religion of Haiti. Many of the practices and descriptions of Voodoo belief may sound to like rank superstition, but then, imagine the beliefs of Christianity to people who know nothing about it. Thus I urge you to recognize that Voodoo is Haiti’s religion, it is taken very seriously not merely by unlettered peasants, but many intelligent and learned members of the Haitian society believe as sincerely in Voodoo as theology professors in their Christianity.

To make a zombie,The Bokor (sorcerers or houngan (priests) for hire who are said to ‘serve the loa with both hands’, meaning that they can both practice dark magic and benevolent magic.) makes a potion that consists of mainly the poison of the pufferfish (one of the strongest nerve poisons known to man, the clinical drug norcuron has similar effects and is used during surgery) that is given to the intended victim. This causes severe neurological damage, primarily effecting the left side of the brain (the left side of the brain controls speech, memory and motor skills). The victim suddenly becomes lethargic, then slowly seems to die. In reality, the victim’s respiration and pulse becomes so slow that it is nearly impossible to detect. The victim retains full awareness as he is taken to the hospital, then perhaps to the morgue and finally as they are buried alive.Then, at the Bokor’s leisure does he come to retrieve the victim, now become a slave, as a commodity.This is known to us in the USA mainly from popular films such as the  The Serpent and the Rainbow.

sp r 1

The History of zombies in Haiti goes much deeper than the Walking Dead of today’s american TV watching.At one time it was said that most of the slaves who worked in the sugar cane plantations of Haiti were zombies. One case in 1918 had a voodoo priest named Ti Joseph who ran a gang of laborers for the American Sugar Corporation, who took the money they received and fed the workers only unsalted porridge. A zombie will remain in a robot-like state indefinitely, until he tastes either salt or meat. Then the zombie becomes aware of their state, immediately returning to the grave. The reality behind the zombie has only been taken seriously by medical science within the last ten years, since the use of CAT scans of the brain, along with the confessions of Bokors, explaining their methods. Previous to that, zombies were considered mental defective by science or explained as stunts to try to confuse scientists.

zombi 2

There are many examples of zombies in modern day Haiti. Papa Doc Duvallier the dictator of Haiti from 1957 to 1971 had a private army that was said to consist of zombies, called tonton macoutes. These people were said to be in trances and they followed every command that Duvallier gave them. Duvallier was also a devout voodooist, as are many people in Haiti, who lead a voodoo church with many followers. He also claimed that he was immortal and he would rule Haiti forever, promising to return after his death to rule again. After his death (a heart attack), he did not come back, although a guard was placed at his tomb, to insure that he would not try to escape, or so someone wouldn’t try to steal the body (this is a common practice in Haiti, along with the padlocking of tombs, for the same reason). There are also many stories of people that die, then many years later return to the shock and surprise of relatives. A man named Caesar returned 18 years after he died to marry, have three children and die again, 30 years after he was originally buried. Another case involved a student from a village Port-au-Prince who had been shot in a robbery attempt. Six months later, the student returned to his parent’s house as a zombie. At first it was possible to talk with the man, and he related the story of his murder, a voodoo witch doctor stealing his body from the ambulance before he reached hospital and his transformation into a zombie. As time went on, he became unable to communicate, he grew more and more lethargic and died.

bokers 1

A case reported a writer named Stephen Bonsal described a zombie he witnessed in 1912 in this way:A man had at intervals a high fever he had joined a foreign mission church and the head of the mission saw the patient die. He assisted at the funeral and saw the dead man buried. Some days later the supposedly dead man was found dressed in grave clothes, tied to a tree, moaning. The poor wretch soon recovered his voice but not his mind. He was identified by his wife, by the physician who pronounced him dead, and by the clergyman. The victim recognized no-one, and his days were spent moaning inarticulate words no-one could understand.
In China, this form of black magic was one of the most feared techniques used by sorcerers. It was initiated through the deadly assault of using a particular virulent poison placed in an intended victim’s food or drink. This infamous poison was known as the dreaded “Wudu” (Five Poisons). There are two main formula used in the construction of the Wudu prescription. These two formula are described as follows:

The Five Deadly Poisons Formula #1: This poisonous prescription consists of the centipede, viper, scorpion, toad, and gecko. Because the gecko’s energetic properties are neutral, it is used as a medium for the other poisons to mix. However, the gecko is also salty in taste and can therefore be used to draw the poison to attack the victim’s Kidney
Yang, Jing, and blood.
• The Five Deadly Poisons Formula #2: Other schools of Daoist sorcery contend that the “true” magical formula for the Five Deadly Poisons consist of the poisonous centipede, poisonous viper, poisonous scorpion, poisonous toad, and poisonous spider .

We find an interesting similarity when comparing The Five Deadly Poisons Formula to the white, powdery compound called coupe poudre that the Bokor uses to make a Zombi. Though different bokor used different ingredients in their powders, Harvard ethnobotanist Wade Davis found that “there are five constant animal ingredients: burned and ground-up human remains [usually bone], a small tree frog, a polychaete [segmented] worm, a large New World toad, and one or more species of pufferfish. The most potent ingredients are the pufferfish, which contain deadly nerve toxins known as tetrodotoxin,”
One of the earliest mentions of this ancient poisonous formula occurs in the discussion of a feudal Prince and a physician dating back to 540 B.C. It is said that this poisonous formula also appears in the Yi Jing. So terrifying was the effect of the Wudu poison, that on the 5th day of the 5th Moon the ancient Chinese commonly suspended magical charms and talismans from their roofs, doors, and doorposts, to ward off the evil influences of the
“Five Poisonous Animals”. In 91 B.C., a witch hunt occurred in the Palace of Han Wudi, wherein large numbers of people were put to death on suspicion of being involved in the preparation of Wudu poison. In 598 A.D., there was even an Imperial decree officially forbidding its use.

According to Professor Jerry Alan Johnson,in order to prepare this potion, a sorcerer places all five poisonous creatures into a clay jar. While reciting a specific incantation over the jar, it is sealed with a lid (containing small air holes). The jar is then kept out of sight, in a cold dark place. The primary goal is not to feed the five poisonous creatures, but to force them to feed off of each other. After a year, the sorcerer removes the remnants from the clay jar and begins the process of refining its contents, mixing the cultivated remains along with specific herbs. It was
believed that the corpse that was found when the clay pot was opened was supposed to contain the combined poisons of all five creatures.  One common practice (after refining the formula with additional
herbs and grinding them into a fine power), the sorcerer would place the powder into the food of the intended victim. Once the victim ingested the poison, he or she would immediately fall into a coma. As the life of the victim began to fade into darkness, and the spirit body separated from the physical body, the sorcerer would snare and imprison the victim’s soul, which could then be used as a spirit servant. At this point the sorcerer was free to use the victim’s soul for his or her own personal intentions (i.e., imprisoning it into a specific charm, talisman, ring, or weapon;dispatching it in order to torment another victim; or using it to gather secret information). As long as the body of the victim remained in the coma, his or her soul could be controlled by the magical power of the sorcerer. When not in service, the victim’s soul was traditionally kept imprisoned within the Daoist sorcerer’s magical
gourd. This magical gourd was either hung on a specific type of walking stick or kept on the sorcerer’s altar.

tao 1

We find once again a Parallel with the Methodology of the Daoist sorcerer and the Haitian Bokor,  the bokor performs a rite where he or she captures the victim’s ti bon ange, which is the part of the soul directly connected to an individual. He or she can do this by capturing it within seven days immediately following the death of the corps cadavre, while it is still hovering over the corpse, or by spreading poisons in the form of a cross on the threshold of the victim’s doorway. Either way, this affects a split in the spiritual parts of the victim and produces two complementary types of zombies: the spirit zombi (the zombie of the ti bon ange alone) and the zombi cadavre (the zombi of the flesh, which is composed of the n’ame, the gros bon ange, and the z’etoile). Then he traps the spirit zombi part of the soul (or zombi astral) in a small clay jar or some other commonplace container, and replaces it with the loa that the bokor controls. This container is hidden in a secret place known only to the bokor and is finally wrapped in a piece of the victim’s clothing or some other personal possession.

I hope everyone has enjoyed this series on Corpse magic, all most as much as I’ve enjoyed writing it. Till next time, I leave you with these words:

“Something coming back from the dead was almost always bad news. Movies taught me that. For every one Jesus you get a million zombies.”
― David Wong, John Dies at the End

Sources:Davis, Wade. “The Ethnobiology of the Haitian Zombi.” Journal of Ethnopharmacology 9.1 (1983),Davis, Wade. Passage of Darkness: The Ethnobiology of the Haitian Zombie. Chapel Hill: University of North Carolina, 1988.,Professor Jerry Alan Johnson 2006 , The art of Magical Transformation,Kagan, Richard C., ed. 1980. “The Chinese Approach to Shamanism”, Chinese Sociology and Anthropology,Zombies, by James Dilworth,The Haitian Penal Code 1998.INTRODUCTION TO VOODOO IN HAITI: By Bob Corbett March 1988.

All Art done by: Vincent Piazza Copyright 2015, The Serpent and the Rainbow is a reimage done by me, original Copyright 1988 directed by Wes Craven.

The Black Art of Corpse magic Part II : Stealing the Soul and Zombi making was originally published on The Hidden Left Hand

The Black Art of Corpse Magic

mosolim in hell

(Disclaimer; This form of Magic has not been practiced for, as far as I can tell, at least 100 years,the more esoteric use and abuse of this Art is around 2,000 years old. If any of this could or has worked is purely speculation, and I take no Responsibility for any trouble you my find yourself in trying to work magic from old Taoist Lore.)Placing a spirit entity inside a corpse was known in Taoism as Corpse Magic. It was a popular technique used among the ancient Wu sorcerers in South-West China, especially around the Sichuan province area. It thrived as a common practice in China up until the early 1900s. Corpse Magic actually was originally used for benevolent purposes. A Story from the Sichuan province around 1600-1046 BCE  tells us that if an Hung Lo was traveling with a family member (an uncle Larry, for example) on a business trip away from home, and the uncle suddenly died, it was the responsibility of Hung Lo to return the corpse back to the family burial plot. If  Mr.Lo was too poor to afford any type of casket and transportation for the corpse, he  could find the local Taoist priest( Let’s call him Father Corky), pay a small amount of money, and receive a Corpse Talisman. This talisman (written on a yellow piece of Rice paper or Silk) was specifically constructed for uncle Larry’s physical body. Empowered with the  talisman, all Hung Lo had to do was place it onto poor dead Larry’s chest, and a spirit entity would immediately enter into the deceased uncle’s corpse. The uncle’s corpse would then stand-up and begin to follow Hung back to his home county. As long as the talisman remained on the corpse, it would not decompose, but simply follow the individual who originally placed the talisman and activated it. If Hung Lo had to travel for several days, he would simply remove the talisman from the uncle’s corpse at night( would have come in quite handy for weekend at bernie’s ). The uncle’s corpse would immediately collapse and begin to decompose. In the morning, all Mr. Lo needed to do was again place the talisman on the uncle’s chest and the spirit would re-enter into the corpse and again follow him on the journey homeward. The Spirit within the Corpse was never human to begin with, often a Minor Demon or Elemental, and often stories are told of something going wrong and the spirit gone rogue.
During the “opium wars” of the early 1900s, drug dealers began smuggling opium inside the bodies of dead individuals that were being influenced by Corpse Magic. Traditionally, customs agents were unwilling to search the spirit possessed body of a corpse, making it easy to get the drugs across imperial blockades. Eventually the emperor of China issued strict sanctions forbidding the practice of Corpse Magic in order to stop drug dealers from smuggling opium across county lines inside these moving corpses(this was quite easy to pull off, even without a Taoist, a bit of yellow paper with some writing on it, stuck to the chest of a sickly man or woman and shazam,you had yourself a drug mule).
Another practice of Corpse Magic used in ancient China (found in the Classic of Mountains and Seas,Wu Yang is the major speaker in Zhao Hun (also known as, Summons for the Soul). was the magical skill of transferring the soul into a corpse, known as “Shijie.” This Daoist practice focused on placing the sorcerer’s soul into a new body in order to allow the sorcerer to continue training in magical alchemy.In the west this Idea is only entertained seriously. to my knowledge, By Peter Carroll in Liber Null. As a ritual for “Cheating Death,” this rite was performed through transferring the soul into a willing “donor,” someone who has recently died, or the forming body of a fetus. A sorcerer wishing to do this type of Corpse Magic must first develop a tremendous amount skill in the Art of healing . This is because the sorcerer must already be used to transferring his or her energy to manipulate an individual’s energy body, channels, and energetic fields. Therefore, the foundational training and skills of Healing Magic must already be established before attempting such Necromancy. For example, only after a sorcerer has mastered the ability to purge and quicken certain energetic states of Qi obstruction and blood stagnation existing within an individual’s body, will he or she be able to remove all energetic obstructions from the lungs and transfer his or her Qi (life-force), Ling Shen (magical spirit), and Shen Xian (eternal soul) into the unharmed, drowned victim’s body. Traditionally, there are several magical rituals used in order to prepare the sorcerer for this, and these rituals took about 5 years (better start early and soon, my elderly Black Magician friends!) The three ways of transferring a soul are described as follows:

Willing Donor: In this situation, an older sorcerer transfers his or her soul into the body of a willing donor. Before the initial transference begins, the older sorcerer first transfers the young donor’s soul to the body of a Dog or Pig (I know a few folks who wouldn’t mind, don’t you?). This is accomplished by having the sorcerer go through the donor’s physical body and empty out the donor’s spirit body (i.e., by separating the spirit/s etheric shell from its “physical house”). This purging process enables the sorcerer to easily transfer the donor’s eternal soul into the Animal, and once the animal dies,the donor was told he would pass to the celestial realms to experience a higher spiritual evolution(I may also have a bridge to sell you in brooklyn , you crafty Taoist Sorcerers). The older sorcerer can then begin the process of possessing the donor’s younger body. When an older sorcerer begins the process of possessing and animating the body of a younger donor, the technique is sometimes known as a “walk-in.” Since the sorcerer has also “cheated birth,” he or she retains the knowledge of all his or her esoteric training, and is free to continue the process of training transformational alchemy,not a bad deal for 5 years of work.

Recent Death: In this situation, the sorcerer transfers his or her soul into the body of a newly deceased individual. Traditionally, the body of a drowning victim was preferred, because the victim had initially suffocated to death and his or her tissues were otherwise healthy and still intact (i.e., the body’s energy channels and internal organs were still in good condition). Sometimes, however, the body of a coma victim was chosen, especially if the tissues were salvageable. It is important to note that the sorcerer did not have to be physically present in order to manipulate and perform this type of Corpse Magic possession. Sometimes a seasoned sorcerer will have established an energetic bond and friendship with a spirit entity who is from the Water Elemental realm. The Water Elemental will then inform the sorcerer of a recently drowned candidate, whose body is young and healthy, and whom the sorcerer can easily overshadow and possess( it was good to have friends like that in the 1600’s). Initially, the sorcerer begins by emitting Qi in order to reanimate the drowned victim’s body reviving the victim’s brain functions, heartbeat and breathing. As the victim’s body transforms from a morbid state of death to a state of coma, the sorcerer increases the Qi emission to include activating the energetic function of all of the victim’s internal organs and tissues. Finally the sorcerer transfers his or her consciousness into the slowly reviving tissues, and suddenly “wakes up” inside the new body. At this point in transformation, the sorcerer begins the process of reorienting to his or her new life and identity. This is further accomplished by consciously disengaging all physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual attachments to his or her old body.A few Taoist schools of magic begin training the skill of Transferring the Soul by first animating the energetic channels of a drowned piglet. The sorcerer will start by transferring his or her Qi, Ling Shen, and soul body into a drowned piglet. As the sorcerer gets the drowned piglef s energy to reanimate, he or she learns to eventually gain control of the animal’s internal organs and tissues. Eventually, the magical resurrection practice was increased until the sorcerer was able to fully animate the body of a drowned human being.
Forming Fetus: In this situation, the sorcerer transfers his or her soul into the body of a newly developed fetus. Traditionally, the body of a healthy young woman sixteen years old is chosen for this type of Corpse Magic. This age is traditionally chosen because the young woman is energetically strong and vigorous and will be able to withstand the energetic transferences. After the sorcerer impregnates the sixteen year old, he will then transfer his soul and
consciousness into the forming fetus. Essentially, the sorcerer’s transferred soul will then be born from the womb of his own wife, and he will therefore be his own child(boggles the mind,doesn’t it?). Because the wife will then become a widower, her future financial stability (and that of the infant sorcerer) must first be established before the magical ritual begins.So, Save your Pennies and become your own Son, or buy a piglet and start practicing…And may you live in Interesting times.

Sources:Allan, Sarah. 1991. The Shape of the Turtle: Myth, Art, and Cosmos in Early China.,Birrell, Anne, tr. 2000. The Classic of Mountains and Seas. Bodde, Derk. 1961. “Myths of ancient China,” Chang, K.C. 1983. Art, Myth, and Ritual: The Path to Political Authority in Ancient China.Kagan, Richard C., ed. 1980. “The Chinese Approach to Shamanism”, Chinese Sociology and Anthropology 12.4:3-135,Professor Jerry Alan Johnson 2006 , The art of Magical Transformation.

Art-Corpse Road, Vincent Piazza Copyright 2015

The Black Art of Corpse Magic was originally published on The Hidden Left Hand

MAKING SEDATIVE WATER; A practical bit of magic.

Sometimes being hospitable takes its energetic toll, especially when you encounter a rude and unruly guest. The following magical technique can be used to quietly sedate a disruptive individual who is “Shen Disturbed.” Or is just too fucked up to deal with.
It can be used on both young children and older adults; anyone who is currently creating a public disturbance, at the detriment of the other guests.
All that is required to perform this magical ritual is a glass of water and a quiet place to perform the incantation without disruption. The magical application is performed as follows:

• When an individual is both mentally and emotionally upset, politely offer the disruptive individual a glass of water, in order to “relax and cool them down.”
• Next, excuse yourself to retrieve the glass of water for the unruly guest.
• While in the kitchen, draw a “Removing Conscious” talisman over the surface of the water =

setative water

• Next, using a Breath Incantation(each time you whisper, take a deep breath and blow into the water, pull from your Tan T’ien, or gut as you do so), silently whisper into the glass of water three times the following spell:

“You will close your eyes, Relax, and fall to sleep.”

Each time you repeat the spell, allow your energy, intention, and spirit to fall deeper into the water, impregnating its every cell with the words and meanings of the magical incantation.
• Then, present the water to the disruptive individual, and allow them to peacefully drift off.

I can not be responsible for other ways you might use this small spell, but it has served me well when dealing with drunken friends.

MAKING SEDATIVE WATER; A practical bit of magic. was originally published on The Hidden Left Hand

A Luciferian amongst the Pagans: Hexfest 2015

herologoI write about a number subjects on this blog, It’s not all Demons and virgin sacrifice (such a hard ritual to pull off in the days of Tinder and 4chan),I have readers from the Pagan community, even a wiccan or two who stop be and say hello. So gentle reader, it was no surprise when I was approached by a local witch to  Moderate a Panel at Hexfest, a modest sized convention for Witches, rootworkers, Voodoo priests and other magical teachers, to meet and greet the fans, sell books, and teach classes.I was only there for the last day, so my experience was quite limited with what goes on a such affairs, I was hoping to see a few SACERDOTES extra Romam, or even the Vestal Virgins (Vestales) and Flaminicae, (wives of the flamens ) to tell me what I bad boy I’ve been.But alas, no luck.I did meet a few interesting folks and Occult Personalities, a few of witch ( sorry, Just couldn’t help myself) truly seemed to know their subject matter quite well.Christopher Penczak, whom I remember from the Temple of Witchcraft series of books he penned in 2002-04 ,was quite down to earth and personable.His comments and answers for the Panel (called, Ritual Possession: Inviting the Gods and Spirits Within) came from a place of his own experience,and as he told us himself “I have the least amount of experience with this subject, but I think Cristian Day just threw me in here because he had no idea what to do with me.” And I for one am quite glad he did so.



Now, I know what you must be thinking ” Vincent, what are you doing?!?! Luciferian, Goetia Heretic, LHP Taoist Renegade, why are you hanging out with a bunch of Pagans? Even, Gasp! a few RHP, Drawing Down the Moon types who would run at the thought of the Qlippoth.” Well,  the terms ‘Pagan’ and ‘Luciferian’ are not as far apart as it may seem at face value. While Lucifer is a patron of mine, he isn’t the only deity i’ve worked with, and to be honest I’ve done far more work with Lilith and Belzebuth.When going to an event like this, its much easier to say that I’m pagan, because let’s face it,If A Satanist Or Luciferian Defines Themselves As Pagan, Then They’re Pagan. Luciferianism is a living philosophy that values and honors the dynamic principles essential to the characteristics of Lucifer. The name Lucifer can be translated as “Light Bearer”, lux=light and fero= to bear. Lucifer also denotes Venus, as the morning and evening star. Under this definition, I’m a pagan who bears light and works with Venus, the goddess of love (oh won’t my mom be proud)Pagan is a very very broad term. And, believe it or not, you can be a Christian pagan as well. Surprise! You don’t get to define the term pagan. If you don’t like it,Tough titty said the kitty.  I embrace my fellow aware pagans, the Crazy Anti-Cosmic Void Magi, my fellow pagans that follow Satan or Lucifer(or in the case of the TST, don’t ),even the Pastafarians ( “R’amen) and all who reject dogma and formalism . I reject the pagans that say Satanism or Luciferianism can’t be pagan.  The stigma attached to that term is far more negative and far-reaching than ‘pagan’, because even non-christians think of the biblical devil when the name Lucifer is mentioned. In pagan communities, however, at times we find ourselves almost equally as ostracized. In their attempts to make paganism more acceptable to the public or innocent, many make statements such as ‘pagans don’t believe in or worship the devil/satan/lucifer’, trying to separate the public’s concepts of satanism and paganism.But as an unnamed Author said to to me at Hexfest “I’m a Closet Luciferian.”I believe this is more often the case, then not.

Moving on to the Fest and Panel, Lilith Dorsey,a Voodoo Priestess and editor/publisher of Oshun-African Magickal Quarterly,was quite enjoyable as well. We immediately connected with our Anthropology backgrounds, and she helped me out in a pinch during the panel when one of my Questions wasn’t translating well to a more Pagan format.The stories of her eating Dirt during possession wowed the crowd, and her knowledge was quite extensive when it came to the practical aspects of Ritual Possession.


Bloody Mary and Sandra Mariah Wright gave the Witch/mambo asogwe and High Priestess’s take on the subject of Ritual Possession, and from my seat did a fine job of it.To be given an interpretation of how the Alexandrian Tradition of Witchcraft sees Becoming the Goddess was a real treat for the audience, and Bloody Mary’s down to earth swamp magic stories were quite refreshing.


Steven Bragg, a Santa Muertero,and a devotee and spiritual worker of the Mexican folk saint La Santisima Muerte, gave a fascinating account of being ridden by the Loa and the preparation of objects used in his practice of Haitian Vodou and Palo Mayombe.He formed the New Orleans Chapel of the Santisima Muerte, a non-profit organization dedicated to promoting information about la Santisima Muerte,this is quite interesting to me from a writer’s standpoint and I plan to visit the public shrine for this saint quite soon (and yes, a write up on it is forthcoming, I promise)


All of the Panelists did an excellent job, the subject matter was well covered, and they made my job very easy ( I didn’t have to take out the whip, or drop the Hat once) and for this I am extremely grateful.I attended Raven and Stephanie Grimassi’s talk on Greenwood Magic and learned a few things about herbs and the spirit of the mandrake plant that I did not know previously.I had a blast gently heckling Raven about his “Chaos Magick” methods of using the mortar & pestle for magic,but he was a good sport about it.I also spent some time talking with Judika Illes,The author of such books as The Encyclopedia of 5000 Spells (2004); The Element Encyclopedia of Witchcraft (2005) and one of my favorites, The Encyclopedia of Spirits (2009).One of her newest works and The Encyclopedia of Mystics, Saints, and Sages, is going on my must read list, just from the stories she told me of her inspiration to Interview Cabbies about what Saint they use to protect them on the daily drive.


This Luciferian had a great time doing it, and hope to be asked back again in the future. Thank you everyone for making me feel welcome and comfortable at the Fest,Ty Siddiqui did a Bang-up job making sure that everything ran smoothly, and Hex-Fest could have never gone on in such a successful way without her.Stay Gold everyone, and don’t forget your Hat….


If you would like to know more about the authors I’ve spoken about here, a number of Website Links are provided below.




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Raven and Stephanie


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A Luciferian amongst the Pagans: Hexfest 2015 was originally published on The Hidden Left Hand

5 Good Books About the Evil one (AKA. The Devil )

“Son, the greatest trick the Devil pulled was convincing the world there was only one of him.”
― David Wong, John Dies at the End

They say,“Better the devil you know than the devil you don’t.”I often write about the Devil and Demons from a Occultist’s point of view,but what about the great stories in Literature and the Pulp postmodern novel? As any Priest or Satanist will tell you, the Devil has exercised the strongest attraction upon the human mind. The imagination of man has from earliest times persistently played with the Personality of Evil. The fiend has never failed in fascination. He is an everlasting fountain of pathos and poetry,Horror and even Romance. A perennial power for interest, inspiration and achievement. So large a place has Diabolus taken in our imaginations.,whether or not we favor the belief in the Devil’s spiritual entity apart from man’s, we always show a deep interest in his literary incarnations.Let’s take a Look at The Hidden Left Hand’s 5 Good Books about Old Mr. Scratch, shall we?

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1.Melmoth the Wanderer (1820):By: Charles Robert Maturin. John Melmoth, in a satanic deal, exchanges his soul for immortality and wanders through the world offering to release the sufferings and hardships of the one who will next take over his deal with the devil.”Melmoth” can be compared to Cervantes’ “Don Quixote,”. Where Don Quixote was a wandering knight, pledged to help the helpless, Melmoth is a wandering agent of evil, whose mission is to prey on the helpless. Melmoth has 150 years to tempt the indigent and desperate into selling their souls for wealth, power, or simple relief, and trading places with him.I enjoyed it as a young man and found it the goto Gothic story with a Satanic twist.It even has a bit of Stoker’s “Dracula”, writing style.The various stories are pieced together by eyewitnesses, interviewers, and ancient manuscripts, often at several removes from their originals. There is even one poor sod in the novel who is collecting material to write a book about Melmoth the Wanderer.

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2.The Divine Comedy: The Inferno By Dante Alighieri, There is no getting around listing this here, if you have never heard of it before you live in Borno, keep wild pigs, and have never seen paper.All I will say about it is that in each circle, Dante chose a well-known figure of the time or from history or legend to illustrate the sin. As Dante descends from circle to circle, he encounters sinners whose sins become increasingly hateful, spiteful, offensive, murderous, and traitorous. He ends with Satan, eating the three greatest traitors in the world, each in one of his three mouths, at the center of the Earth.Hell of a story, no?

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3.Memnoch the Devil , 1997 by Anne Rice , in this, the fifth book of her Vampire Chronicles she requests sympathy for the Devil( this was before her lapse back into heavy catholicism). Having survived his near-fatal reacquaintance with human mortality in The Tale of the Body Thief (1992), the world-weary vampire Lestat is recruited by the biblical Devil, Memnoch, to help fight a cruel and negligent God. The bulk of the novel is a retelling of the Creation story from the point of view of the fallen angel, who blames his damnation on his refusal to accept human suffering as part of God’s divine plan.I have only one thing to say, if you want religion read the bible, if you want an amazing story read memnoch the devil.

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4.The Scarlet Gospels 2015 by Clive Barker,  the culmination of the Hellraiser mythos that began with the novella The Hellbound Heart. It features the world-weary detective of the occult Harry D’Amour locked in a death-struggle with the most fascinating fictional satanic creation since Milton’s Satan (in the great epic poem Paradise Lost) led his dark minions in an infernal revolution: the master Cenobite, Pinhead. This comparison has greater significance than you might think.Let me put it to you this way,Pinhead has now developed much grander ambitions that involve Lucifer’s unoccupied throne,so once again, is it Better the devil you know than the devil you don’t?


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5.Doctor Faustus by Thomas Mann, John E. Woods (Translator), How could I not end with Faust? This story has been retooled so many times to fit the place it was written,Thomas Mann’s last great novel, first published in 1947 and now rendered into English by John E. Woods, it is the tale of one Adrian Leverkühn, born early in the 20th century, who trades his soul for the ability to compose brilliant music. Of course this is a limited pact, in his case for 24 years. His story is told by a childhood (and adult) friend Serenus Zeitblom, who also presents the changes in German culture during the years, ending with the bombing of Germany by the Allies and the encroaching Russian army. Leverkühn’s life story is a brilliant allegory of the rise of the Third Reich, of Germany’s renunciation of its own humanity and its embrace of ambition and its nihilism. It is also Mann’s most profound meditation on the German genius – both national and individual – and the terrible responsibilities of the truly great artist. The allegories are plentiful, the writing is often amazing and at times, not an easy read.But, would the Devil have it any other way?


In the DetailsIn The Details, By: Vincent Piazza


I know,there are many more just as good if not better; but with only 5 to list is the cream of the crop for me to lay at your feet, I plan on reading I, Lucifer By Glen Duncan soon, so if I find that one worthy of you,My Diabolical Friends, I shall Review it here as well.

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5 Good Books About the Evil one (AKA. The Devil ) was originally published on The Hidden Left Hand