A Witch’s Take on Luciferianism.

Thoughts on Luciferianism by M’Lady Kate…. Very Insightful and well written.

Kate's Creations


I have written and re written this many times. I have worked hard to get my head away from the Judo-Christian traditional upbringing of my culture. I grew up travelling among many cultures and prided my self on the fact that I saw them from an outsiders point of view. However, stuff rubbed off deeper than I like to admit.

I am not an academic or scholar. I hate regurgitating facts and ideas that come from a book or another persons head. I have to think and feel the answer before I can write about it. All my books and articles are pure undiluted Kate unless I have quoted someone.

So with this in mind I am now openly calling myself a Luciferian.

It has taken a bold step for me to do this for the subject is bloody and so entangled with another Path it is scary.

I hate…

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