One Magician taught Chance; Another Witch taught Predestination…

One Magician taught Chance; Another Witch taught Predestination. In the speculations of these
two schools, on which side did right lie?”The cock crows,and the dog barks. So much we know. But the wisest of us could not say why one crows and the other barks in relation to Magic, nor guess why they crow or bark at all,other then our Subjective interpretation from signs learned from books or Spirits.
The infinitely small is inappreciable; the infinitely great is immeasurable. Chance and Predestination must refer to the conditioned.Art and Magic can never be conditioned.Consequently, both are wrong.Predestination involves a real existence. Chance implies an absolute absence of any principle. To have a name and the embodiment thereof,–this is to have a material existence. To have no name and no embodiment,–of this one can speak and think; but the more one speaks the farther off one gets.To name something is to have power over it, to define something is to take power away from it.The unborn creature cannot be kept from life. The dead cannot be tracked. From birth to death is but a
span; yet the secret cannot be known.That would make it no longer secret,and no longer magic. Chance and Predestination are but a priori solutions.When I was much younger the quest to “Know” how magic works was all consuming,Now I “Know” that magic works, the how has less and less grip on my practice.
When I seek for a beginning of Magic, I find only time infinite.When I look forward to an end to the Art, I see only time infinite.

know magic

Infinity of time past and to come implies no beginning and is in accordance with the laws of material existences. Predestination and Chance give us a beginning, but one which is compatible only with the existence of matter.Magic cannot be existent. If it were existent, it could not be non-existent. The very name of Magic is only adopted for convenience’ sake. Predestination and Chance are limited to material existences. How can they bear upon the infinite?Were language adequate, it would take but a day fully to set forth the existence of Magic. Not being adequate, it takes that time to explain material existences. Magic is something beyond material existences. It cannot be conveyed either by words or by silence. In that state which is neither speech nor silence, its transcendental nature may be apprehended.We can Talk of Spirits and Spells for hours, but to grasp upon Magic as a material, definable thing is like filling a coffee cup with the sea,all you have to show for it is salt water….and the sea is nowhere to be found. Copyright 2015 Vincent Piazza, Art work done by; Vincent Piazza

One Magician taught Chance; Another Witch taught Predestination… was originally published on The Hidden Left Hand

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