The Forgotten Ones…

Rumour has it that the Forgotten Ones, the Faceless Ones ah la the Titans, breached
human consciousness in the twentieth century. Various reasons could get given for this
which would include the splitting of the atom, the development of nuclear science, our
own evolutionary development or even the peculiarities of a double aeonic current
(Horus/Maat) that some practitioners of magic might consider in operation.

These primal forces variously named The Forgotten Ones, the Elder Gods, the Great Old
Ones, or the Ancient Ones, once got defined by the artist-magician Allen Holub as:
“…The raw unnamed energies existing since the icy cold of the fabric of space emerged
from nought. They pre-date the coming of space itself, and of time, from the aethers,
although it can be said that they represent the process of formation itself…” “Outside the
Circles of Time” K. Grant.

In an unpublished document entitled “The Keys of Aaton” a speaker notes the following:
“…Mark well what I have said, for comes a day
When dark things held in harness are revealed
By Man’s own curiosity, and blood
Is multiplied with new and deadly fears.

The Faceless Ones unlocked are not put out
With weaponry or words that of a time
Created access, yet we thread a door
Beneath the nightmare with the Spinners’ Line…”

The names of the Ancient Ones and the Elder Gods, the primal forces, have come from a
variety of sources: notably from Chaldean, Sumerian, Assyrian, African and Egyptian,
and from the realms of dream and vision and imagination. In the twentieth century, the
fantasy writer H. P. Lovecraft provided material that eventually got researched by The
Order of the Seven Rays in Haiti. Other writers have included Robert E. Howard, Clark
Ashton Smith, August Derleth and Robert Bloch…….

Art Copyright 2015: Vincent Piazza

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The Forgotten Ones… was originally published on The Hidden Left Hand

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