Playing the tune that only you can hear…

Chaos Theory, along with scientific applications, shows that chaos is the random occurrence of variables with-
in the world we know which can create drastic changes. “Chaos” and “anarchy” are not one; though the true
Spiritual Anarchist will prefer them to be on some level. Random variables, of course, can be asserted to be
“free will” – man’s ability to move with this randomness as though he were at one with it. A “free spirit” may
not be complete random but is, in essence, random at critical moments which makes his actions that much
harder to gauge unless the entire spectrum of the time he’s moving in can be viewed.
an·ar·chy ( n r-k )
n. pl. an·ar·chies
• Absence of any form of political authority.playing to the crowd
• Political disorder and confusion.
• Absence of any cohesive principle, such as a common standard or purpose.





If we take a close look at the definition of anarchy, of course, we can see a very big discrepancy in the defini-
tions.The major problem I have is the lower two definitions, which are cultural memes based on a series of
cultural assumptions.The first is that if one lacks a central figure of philosophy, or government, then everything
is going to go straight to shit and fall apart.This is a pretty idiotic statement, considering that we’ve actually
had a series of tribal cultures throughout history without a central form of governance which did just fine
until the white-man came along and decided to fuck things up with his way of viewing reality.Let me ask you a question, then.You sit every day on a chair, when you go to sit down. If I remove the chair,
where do you think you’ll sit if you need to? On the ground. Let’s take this same concept and apply it to gov-
ernment: if we take away a government, what will man do? Man, for the most part, will govern himself. Much
the same way we actually do every day; of course, there are always going to be a few who threaten to break
down these basic principles. But do you really think wide-spread raping and pillaging will occur if living just
down the street is a group of Muslims willing to shoot you if you so much as touch their daughter? Probably
What, then, does that leave us with? How do we work with this concept at all, and is it relevant to us? I
believe it is; I have no doubt that others will disagree on principle. First, the idea of “revolution” needs to be
tossed out and it is in all honesty a key to the concept of anarchy. Revolution, when viewed at historical level,
always leads to even more oppressive systems of government.We obviously don’t need that at the moment,
despite any issues some of us (myself, for example) may have with the way the government currently operate.Insurrection, on the other hand, does not need a revolution to occur; it simply needs willing participants who
following the brief period return to an almost normal viewpoint of life. Insurrection normally occurs when
those involved are simply tired of the way things are being done and decide to shake their fists at the govern-
ment as a whole. However, you may have noticed thus far that I’ve focused on the government – and what
Magician really cares all that much for politics? What we need to realize is that Government and Organized
Religion are two sides of the same threshold: control. Control with a big “c,” if you can dig it.
Heresy is a means of social resistance; you and I are all ready, in the eyes of the organized religions out there,
anarchists eating away at their philosophies.The root for heresy is the Latin Haeresis, which means “to
choose.” Our great plot against all of them is to choose for ourselves.Take a moment to consider that.We’ve
chosen for ourselves…
We’ve circumvented their control over us and decided that we have the means and technologies, spiritually, to
do what they claim to do.We are their biggest and most potent enemy because we simply don’t need them;
the same can be applied to the State, which can make us just as dangerous…and how do we go about this without getting arrested?

ART SABOTAGE STRIVES TO be perfectly exemplary but at the same time retain an element of opacity–not propaganda but aesthetic shock–appallingly direct yet also subtly angled– action-as-metaphor.
Art Sabotage is the dark side of Poetic Terrorism–creation- through-destruction–but it cannot serve any Party, nor any nihilism, nor even art itself. Just as the banishment of illusion enhances awareness, so the demolition of aesthetic blight sweetens the air of the world of discourse, of the Other. Art Sabotage serves only consciousness, attentiveness, awakeness.

A-S goes beyond paranoia, beyond deconstruction–the ultimate criticism–physical attack on offensive art– aesthetic jihad. The slightest taint of petty ego-icity or even of personal taste spoils its purity & vitiates its force. A-S can never seek power–only release it.

Individual artworks (even the worst) are largely irrelevant- -A-S seeks to damage institutions which use art to diminish consciousness & profit by delusion. This or that poet or painter cannot be condemned for lack of vision–but malign Ideas can be assaulted through the artifacts they generate. MUZAK is designed to hypnotize & control–its machinery can be smashed.

Public book burnings–why should rednecks & Customs officials monopolize this weapon? Novels about children possessed by demons; the New York Times bestseller list; feminist tracts against pornography; schoolbooks (especially Social Studies, Civics, Health); piles of New York Post , Village Voice & other supermarket papers; choice gleanings of Xtian publishers; a few Harlequin Romances–a festive atmosphere, wine-bottles & joints passed around on a clear autumn afternoon.

To throw money away at the Stock Exchange was pretty decent Poetic Terrorism–but to destroy the money would have been good Art Sabotage. To seize TV transmission & broadcast a few pirated minutes of incendiary Chaote art would constitute a feat of PT–but simply to blow up the transmission tower would be perfectly adequate Art Sabotage. If certain galleries & museums deserve an occasional brick through their windows–not destruction, but a jolt to complacency–then what about BANKS? Galleries turn beauty into a commodity but banks transmute Imagination into feces and debt. Wouldn’t the world gain a degree of beauty with each bank that could be made to tremble…or fall? But how? Art Sabotage should probably stay away from politics (it’s so boring)–but not from banks.

Don’t picket–vandalize. Don’t protest–deface. When ugliness, poor design & stupid waste are forced upon you, turn Luddite, throw your shoe in the works, retaliate. Smash the symbols of the Empire in the name of nothing but the heart’s longing for grace.



Sources:The Magician as Spiritual Anarchist, by:Saint Faust, Imperium Magus.,The Temporary Autonomous Zone, Ontological Anarchy, Poetic Terrorism By: Hakim Bey

Art Copyright 2015 Vincent Piazza


Playing the tune that only you can hear… was originally published on The Hidden Left Hand

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