Chopping up the Meat and Bone of Planets…

magic choppingOne of the things you will run into if you do any study of magick is the notion that certain operations have to be done under the influence of a specific planet. This is, of course, nonsense,nothing Has to be done on wednesday the 4th on the 4th hour, but enough people have believed it over the centuries that each planet has acquired a powerful thoughtform which can be tapped into. What this means is that while you are not locked into a specific day and time, you can still take advantage of the thoughtforms to boost your work.There are a number of ways to use the planets other than following the time and day. You can take a picture of the planet and place it on a sheet of Paper the color of the planets correspondence,  or you can put the picture in a projector and shine it on the wall of the ritual chamber. But the easiest is to just bring up the picture on your computer screen and let that emit in the ritual chamber while you work.That’s right folks, I have no problem using technology in Magical workings,In fact when it comes to Planetary work,and our odd subconscious ideas of space and technology (Moon Landing, Space Station, Mars Rover, Star Wars….it all plays a part in how we see magic when it comes to the planets) Our cultural Myths are much different then Magicians from 500 years ago. In most books on magick, there are a whole bunch of things to remember when working with the planets, such as perfumes, flowers, weeds, types of clothes to wear, all that stuff. You only need to bother with any of that to the point where you feel that you are aligned with the Planet and all that makes it, well, IT. All those things are mnemonics, things to help you remember that you are working with the energies of a given planet.
A few words on the Planets and the use and abuse of…

Saturn is good for summoning the souls of the dead, which means it is a good planet to do necromancy with. Get out your Ouija board next Saturday and see if your sainted Aunt Lydia will give you her pickle recipe. In fact Saturn is good for anything having to do with death, so it is probably a good planet to use to help kill off your rich Uncle
George or anyone else you think has lived too long.You can also use Saturn to work with anything involving buildings, be it the architect, the construction crew or the fault line running beneath it; call spirits to serve you as
familiars (which can be a problem for, as we all know, familiarity breeds contempt); helping your business and hurting your competitors’; and anything involving possessions, worldly goods and the seed for your plants; and, of course, anything to do with causing discord and destruction, hatred and death, the good stuff.
The color associated with Saturn is black.Saturday is it’s day

Jupiter is good for all things that benefit you, be it to acquire honor, riches, friendship promotion, good health and all manner of happiness. You do not use the energy of Jupiter to kill your in-laws.
The color associated with Jupiter is blue. Thursday is it’s day.

Mars is the planet of war and all that pertains to conflict, struggle, courage, victory,
defeat and devastation of enemies and relatives. Using it you can cause ruin, slaughter, cruelty, discord, wounds and death.As an Aries this is my kind of planet! It is also perfect for works of protection from all of the above because being the good sadist that I am, I would never want people to be able to do to me what I enjoy doing to them.
The color associated with Mars is red, as if that would be a surprise.
Tuesday is the day of Mars

The Sun is Jupiter on steroids! You use its energy for everything good you can imagine, be it wealth, health, gain of all types, good fortune, divination, the favor of people who are important, dissolve hostile feelings in case your Mars workings run amok, and to make friends, especially generous friends with money.
The color of the Sun is yellow.
The Sun is usually associated with Sunday, for some bizarre reason……..

Venus is perfect for getting laid, anything involving love, sex, finding someone to use the new whip on, and safe travel, particularly traveling for love, sex and using the new whip.
The color associated with Venus is green.
Friday is the day of Venus….

Mercury is good for anything involving intelligence, which means no Jeb Bush fans or Frat boys need apply; business, science, divination, causing miracles and things to just sort of appear (like illusions of the Virgin Mary to drive your Catholic neighbors nuts), writing, as well as those mercurial arts of theft and deceit. It is best to do your taxes while under the influence of Mercury.The color associated with Mercury is orange.
You were supposed to invoke Mercury on Wednesday….

The moon is good for anything involving communication, like mercury, travel by water, cruises, etc., love, sex, gravity, anything shipped by water. You can use an image of a waning moon to cause shipwreck and storms at sea, like hurricanes. Remember that the next time your mother-in-law decides to go to Florida.
The color associated with the moon is silver or white.
And the day of the Moon is Monday…..

These are the seven major planets of Magic. The others, Uranus, Neptune, Pluto and Tiamat (or whatever they are calling the latest one) have various influences assigned to them but as they are so recent they have not had the chance to build up the thoughtforms that the other planets have.This makes them no less important, but I’m Lazy and this is a beginners Paper on Planetary Magic,if you want to know more,go read a book damn you,and quit bugging me about it !

Here are a few good ones That I’ve used over the years….

Planetary Magick: Invoking and Directing the Powers of the Planets (The Magical Philosophy)
by Melita Denning (Author), Osborne Phillips (Author)

Practical Planetary Magick : Working the Magick of the Classical Planets in the Western Mystery Tradition,
by Sorita D’Este and David Rankine

by Payam Nabarz


Chopping up the Meat and Bone of Planets… was originally published on The Hidden Left Hand

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