Satanic Taoism

It is quite amazing to me how similar Modern Satanism is becoming to Taoism. The Principal of Active Non-Interference (Wei Wu Rao)is a main tenant in Satanism and Luciferianism,it echoes the ideas of the Taoist sages almost exactly.People, Nations, Political Factions, and religions love to tell others how to Live, but Daoists prefer to leave people alone, just as they wish to be left alone.Most of those on the Left Hand Path feel the same,your Path may not be my Path,so why should I interfere?

This perspective aligns with nature.For example, I have often Observed birds sitting on power lines on the road,but I’ve never seen one bird tell another bird it’s feathers aren’t right, or that it should only eat red seeds, not blue ones.Only Humans spend time telling each other how to behave.

To Dr. Faustus in his study Mephistopheles told the history of the Creation, saying: “The endless praises of the choirs of angels had begun to grow wearisome; for, after all, did he not deserve their praise? Had he not given them endless joy? Would it not be more amusing to obtain undeserved praise, to be worshipped by beings whom he tortured? He smiled inwardly, and resolved that the great drama should be performed. “For countless ages the hot nebula whirled aimlessly through space. At length it began to take shape, the central mass threw off planets, the planets cooled, boiling seas and burning mountains heaved and tossed, from black masses of cloud hot sheets of rain
deluged the barely solid crust. And now the first germ of life grew in the depths of the ocean, and developed rapidly in the fructifying warmth into vast forest trees, huge ferns springing from the damp mould, sea monsters breeding, fighting, devouring, and passing away. And from the monsters, as the play unfolded itself, Man was born, with
the power of thought, the knowledge of good and evil, and the cruel thirst for worship And Man saw that all is passing in this mad, monstrous world, that all is struggling to snatch, at any cost, a few brief moments of life before Death’s inexorable decree. And Man said: `There is a hidden purpose, could we but fathom it, and the purpose is
good; for we must reverence something, and in the visible world there is nothing worthy of reverence.’ And Man stood aside from the struggle, resolving that God intended harmony to come out of chaos by human efforts. And when he followed the instincts which God had transmitted to him from his ancestry of beasts of prey, he
called it Sin, and asked God to forgive him. But he doubted whether he could be justly forgiven, until he invented a divine Plan by which God’s wrath was to have been appeased. And seeing the present was bad, he made it yet worse, that thereby the future might be better. And he gave God thanks for the strength that enabled him to forgo even the joys that were possible. And God smiled; and when he saw that Man had become perfect in renunciation and worship, he sent another sun through the sky, which crashed into Man’s sun; and all returned again to nebula.’

Once we are the perfect servant and listen to what the World sees as God has to say for us to do, or not to do(in the form of his representatives on earth)the ball stops rolling, and the play starts over.One of the main forms of Interference is the act of giving unsolicited advice to others. To often those on the Right feel they are the only ones who are right so feel the need to correct and advise others according to their viewpoint.

The Taoists had this to say: “The one who Knows does not know all. The one who Know all does not know at all.”But the world of fact, after all, is not good nor evil; and, in submitting our judgment to it, there is an element of slavishness from which our thoughts must be purged. For in all things it is well to exalt the dignity of Man, by freeing him as far as possible from the tyranny of non-human Power,or the power that some feel they have from religious authority .Shall we worship Force, or shall we worship Goodness? Shall our God exist and be evil, or shall he be recognised as the creation of our own conscience? As the Zhuang Zi states : “If People abide by their own heart and treat it as their teacher, who then would be without a teacher?”

Nonconformity in the View of Daoism, as well as the Left Hand Path,is not about doing whatever you please or disregarding responsibilities.To do that will only create problems.The Ideal of nonconformity is to commit yourself to leading the life you wish for yourself,no matter how many around you tell “It’s the wrong thing to do”.

Whether you want to be Married or Single,Satanist or Pastafarian,become a Monk or a Nun,Scientist,Cook, Defend the Law, Or destroy the Law- No matter what Path you wish to follow in life, it takes sincerity and unwavering commitment to produce a good result. As an Adapt of the Left, I respect the choice even if I don’t agree with the decision.Satanic Taoisim

Satanic Taoism was originally published on The Hidden Left Hand

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