The Taoist Qlippoth?

hqdefaultIn my Taoist studies I’ve found a very interesting parallel between the Qlippoth, Hebrew for “shells, husks,” and the Taoist Legend of the creation of the underworld and the time of six heavens.The Qlippoth are the subject of a vast but uncertain demonological lore, which originated from Jewish sources but also was borrowed or came from other sources, and parts expounded upon by later occultist theorists. According to Kabbalistic texts, the Qlippoth originated as ruling powers in a universe that existed prior to the current one. It was a realm of unbalanced force that was destroyed during the early stages of the creation of the cosmos. Prior to the writings of Isaac Luria, the Qlippoth were sometimes described in Neoplatonism terms as the last link in the chain of emanation, the furthest thing from God that still possessed enough divine power to maintain existence. In other metaphorical writings the Qlippoth are described as the dying bark on the Tree of Life, similar to actual decaying bark, or the dregs of wine, excrement.
When you compare it to ancient Zheng Yi Daoist teach­ing,the similarities are quite astonishing.  in the times of the Eastern Han Dynasty (25-220 A.D.), the Celestial Cycle of the “Six Heavens” had reached the final stages of its time period, and its energetic influence had begun to stagnate. This weakening of Divine energetic influence had allowed wicked spirits to create great calamities, generating all forms of disease, perversity, and allowing various types of evil to arise within the land. Because of this, the lives of all humanity ‘were cut short, and the corpses of those who died suddenly were scattered all about the country side. After observing this great devastation, the Most High (Great Clarity “Tai Shang Lao Jun”) re­voked the authority and energetic influence of the Celestial Cycle of the Six Heavens, and appointed Celestial Master Zhang Daoling to govern the next Celestial Cycle, known as the “Three Heavens.” According to Maoshan teachings, Tai Shang Lao Jun used the magical power of the “Liujin Houling” (“Liquid Gold Fireball”) Talisman in order to overturn the authority of. the de­monic Six Heavens. It is said that the Liujin Houling (Liquid Gold Fireball) Talisman was formed from the Yang Essence of the Nine Stars of the Northern Dipper, created before the emergence of the Nine Heavens. This special magical talisman was said to radiate and shine above the head of the Lord of the Dao, and proved its magical power when it was used to drive out the Six Demonic Heavens and install the new reign of the Three Heavens.


According to legend, after a while, the “stale,old energy” of the Six Heavens became populated by malicious Arch-demon Kings, who commanded great numbers of Ghost Armies. According to ancient Zheng Yi Daoist teaching,the “Arch-demon Kings of the Sixfold Heavens,”were the personifications of these dangerous “Re­sidual Energies” of the Sixfold Heavens. These pow­erful Arch-demons commanded powerful demonic hordes that threaten to destabilize the human realm.Commissioned by Tai Shang Lao Jun, the first Celestial Master Zhang Daoling subdued the
Arch-demon Kings of the Sixfold Heavens and then separated the demonic realm of darkness from the human realm of light. It was believed that after this important separation, the noxious energy that belonged to the Sixfold Heavens was sent to stay underneath Feng Du Mountain. After subduing the Arch-demon Kings of the Sixfold Heavens, Zhang Daoling then kept them from providing any further intrusions into the human realm, by making them vow a Blood Oath to remain in their proper realm.The magical ritual of placing an Arch-demon under this type of Binding Oath, was later reiter­ated within the imperial court. This important re-enactment represented the standardization of Zheng Yi Daoist “Exorcism” procedures, which eventually became a standard practice for the ancient Daoist priests.


From that time on, the Six Heavens became the basis in ancient Taoism for explaining the reasons for the various calamities occurring in the world.In traditional Orthodox Jewish Torah and Kabbalah, klippot have their origin in the vessels…sephirot…that shattered due to the intensity of light. This is alluded to, in Torah, to the Kings of Edom that reigned and died. The NaTZaL, fallen sparks alludes to fragments of the original light that were entwined with the reshimo or memory/echo/trace of light that the klippot ‘remembered’. They are therefore described as the ‘backside’ of the tree,just as Master Zhang Daoling subdued the Arch-demon Kings of the Sixfold Heavens and then separated the demonic realm of darkness from the human realm of light.I will write more of this as I dig deeper, hope you have enjoyed this tidbit as much as I have!

The Taoist Qlippoth? was originally published on The Hidden Left Hand

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