A review of the new Lucifer series on Fox

A review by Satanic Views, and I agree, enjoyed it myself!


The long anticipated pilot for the Lucifer series on the FOX media network has appeared online via putlocker.

The pilot has attracted highly favourable ratings despite opposition from Christians in some quarters, who object to the positive portrayal of Lucifer in the series.

Lucifer seems to follow a trend since Star Wars by American directors to give the “evil” characters a British accent played by English actors to give them style or contrast against the American-played characters.  This Lucifer would be perfect playing 007 in the James Bond movies.

The pilot so far produces a simple and tame narrative focused on building character and depth, which sets this series apart from other productions of the occult genre, which have focused too much on complexity, action, unbelievable storylines  and shallow characters.  The team behind Lucifer have put a lot of thought and effort into the pilot, which I hope continues in…

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