A Review of the Rocky Horror Picture Show – 40th Anniversary done by The Well-Hung Speakers Shadow Cast

Yes Friends, I’m one of those people. I know every line, most of the Ad Libs, and last night will be my 163 time seeing  The Rocky Horror Picture Show.For those not in the know,The Rocky Horror Picture Show premiered in London, England, on August 14, 1975. Based on the hit London musical The Rocky Horror Show, the film featured many of the production’s original stars, including Tim Curry and the show’s writer, Richard O’Brien. 163 times may sound a bit excessive, but the bulk of those times were in the 90’s,, at the Lakeside theatre on Veterans (yes I’m showing my age here, that film house has long went the way of the wildebeest) and at 16,nothing was more fun than staying up till Midnight and going to Rocky Horror. So, I’m 40, Rocky’s 40,and it was time to go and take a trip down memory lane, throw some rice and do the Time Warp again…..

As I walked into the Prytania Theatre at around 9pm I was greeted by a swag table overflowing with Buttons, T-shirts and Prop bags.20619_931899223515661_722546463514273403_n The Well-Hung Speakers, the Prytania’s in-house Rocky Horror troupe,Did a fine job with the Virgins,pulled the classic Condom Mouth to Mouth race to get them uncomfortable, and to give them a taste of the audience participation (or An-tis-a-pay-shun to cum).The Actor playing Dr. Frank-N-Furter took the crowd well in hand and showed great Presence, screaming fuck you at all the right times. Even gave us a Happy Birthday,Fuck you, done with a riding crop and no lack of Transvestite flair. 11870818_931901426848774_3844134852682194451_nBrad and Janet, Dr. Scott and Eddie and the rest of the cast all performed with the energy of true fans of the show,and I must commend Riff- Raff for talking with me for a moment and complimenting my costume( I went as the lamest thing I could, the Satanic Mechanic,who is just two words in the movie, but a legend in his own right and always a costume choice for us old lazy fans) , Quite a Professional and warm bunch who truly seemed to be having a good time talking with folks,much unlike a few of the shadow cast performances I’ve seen in California.11863211_931901320182118_3358818465344589655_n I had a great time, truly enjoyable and will go again when the opportunity presents itself, and I get that Rocky Horror Itch that just won’t be satisfied any other way.Hat’s Off to you Well-Hung Speakers, and Bravo for a show well done!11880658_931901543515429_6638430630633849775_n

A Review of the Rocky Horror Picture Show – 40th Anniversary done by The Well-Hung Speakers Shadow Cast was originally published on The Hidden Left Hand

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