In a dream I saw the city in a shadow, and the river beyond.

Siting where the river meets the sky,  fancy and illusion get drunk on rum and bad intent.

In a dream it was also that squid-head that called to me, for when awake I never hear squid.

Perhaps it is natural for me to see them awake,but dreaming is how I am reminded of who I have been.
I preferred to be awake,but that’s just the lie I tell myself to keep the dreams at bay.

What I wrote was laughed at by those Squid Heads,much better that, then silence.

The more I withdraw from the world,the more silent I became,a sound impossible to describe on paper

Naked in ugliness, this foul thing called reality……..
squid headArtwork and Poem by Vincent Piazza, Copyright 2015

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