Home: A Burlesque Tribute to New Orleans; A Review done by: Vincent Piazza

To commemorate the anniversary of Hurricane Katrina, performers who lived in New Orleans ten years ago put on a heartfelt tribute to their beloved city,and I, as a homegrown son,decided to attend.And what a night it was! The Master of Ceremonies Ben Wisdom handled the crowd with flair and his own twist of  bawdy behavior and bad taste.He is one of the most recognizable figures on the New Orleans burlesque scene, and has performed as an emcee, comedian, radio personality and is a producer of burlesque events and festivals in New Orleans, Louisiana. . My lovely Cousin, Caitlyn Watson aka “Cottontail” Did a Beautiful lyra‬ Aerial performance to a song from the American Horror story sound track that wowed and amazed the the crowd. 11903780_10100376763854215_1580689560791795415_n

I like to give a few more Highlights of the show, written and produced by the ever lovely Remy Dee, whose work includes The Nightmare Before Christmas Burlesque, No Sleep Till Burlesque, and Rocky Horror Burlesque,that I felt my readers would enjoy….11870923_934306109941639_7917246973338780167_n 11887855_934301816608735_8769259079949046345_n

Chatty the Mime delighted us all with her unique style of clowing and burlesque.The Hat dance that she pulled off was filled with skill, humor, and juggling! Hat’s off to her, I look forward to seeing her brand of Slapstick burlesque at the next venue.

10384892_934303089941941_1035687909816919539_n (2)



The Stunning Bella Blue, one of the most recognized burlesque performers in New Orleans, put on a rousing and steamy showing that had the crowd enthralled for the full set. Her use of a Boa was a credit to burlesque performers  across America.


The right Reverend Spooky LeStrange, who has been performing burlesque in New Orleans for the past 15 years, put on a witchcraft themed performance that gave the crowd,and myself, chills to our very core.If you are wondering why She is called “Reverend”, this Grand Lady Reverend Spooky decided to start her own religion, becoming the founder and reverend mother of the Church of Burlesque in 2006.

Lydia Treats gave us a classic treat,Hanging water pitchers from her ears, walking on broken glass, and a death defying feat of sword swallowing at the end. An accomplished sideshow performer, she is a member of SSAI (Sword Swallowers Association International) and is one of less than three dozen professional female practicing sword swallowers in the world.11870766_934303106608606_1650970607819546004_n11873794_934303139941936_8066382102026291829_n


Ooops the Clown gave us a vigorous lesson in Hula Hoop to a saints soundtrack.From my vantage point her control, poise, and enthusiasm was beyond reproach.She is a multi-talented variety artist and burlesque performer from New Orleans, La, and does aerial arts, dance, comedy, hula hooping, acting and has added a dog act, featuring The Famous Mr. Cheeze.


I do wish I could review them all, the whole cast put on such a stunning performance that my words just will not due them all the credit that they so rightly deserve. Half the proceeds from the show will be donated to Habitat for Humanity and the New Orleans Musicians’ Clinic, this hits all the right strings in my heart and I was proud to be there to support the Post Katrina efforts of these two Organizations.I’ve given links to all of the Performers below so y’all can check them out for yourselves.To the cast of Home: A Burlesque Tribute to New Orleans,I’d like to give my heartfelt thanks once more for the great show Ladies and Gentlemen, I truly look forward to seeing you all again next time. 11899776_10104914622055035_6780556485970002907_n11900071_931896646870723_1218282902050007148_n
Read more about it at https://www.facebook.com/events/1606398019626959/

Bella Blue
Reverend Spooky Le Strange
Remy Dee
May Hemmer
Ember Blaize
Lydia Treats
Foxy Flambeaux
Kryss Statho
Ray Bot
Magic Mike
Chatty TheMime

Hosted by Ben Wisdom

Review by: Vincent Piazza


Home: A Burlesque Tribute to New Orleans; A Review done by: Vincent Piazza was originally published on The Hidden Left Hand

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