MAKING SEDATIVE WATER; A practical bit of magic.

Sometimes being hospitable takes its energetic toll, especially when you encounter a rude and unruly guest. The following magical technique can be used to quietly sedate a disruptive individual who is “Shen Disturbed.” Or is just too fucked up to deal with.
It can be used on both young children and older adults; anyone who is currently creating a public disturbance, at the detriment of the other guests.
All that is required to perform this magical ritual is a glass of water and a quiet place to perform the incantation without disruption. The magical application is performed as follows:

• When an individual is both mentally and emotionally upset, politely offer the disruptive individual a glass of water, in order to “relax and cool them down.”
• Next, excuse yourself to retrieve the glass of water for the unruly guest.
• While in the kitchen, draw a “Removing Conscious” talisman over the surface of the water =

setative water

• Next, using a Breath Incantation(each time you whisper, take a deep breath and blow into the water, pull from your Tan T’ien, or gut as you do so), silently whisper into the glass of water three times the following spell:

“You will close your eyes, Relax, and fall to sleep.”

Each time you repeat the spell, allow your energy, intention, and spirit to fall deeper into the water, impregnating its every cell with the words and meanings of the magical incantation.
• Then, present the water to the disruptive individual, and allow them to peacefully drift off.

I can not be responsible for other ways you might use this small spell, but it has served me well when dealing with drunken friends.

MAKING SEDATIVE WATER; A practical bit of magic. was originally published on The Hidden Left Hand

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