The Black Art of Corpse Magic

mosolim in hell

(Disclaimer; This form of Magic has not been practiced for, as far as I can tell, at least 100 years,the more esoteric use and abuse of this Art is around 2,000 years old. If any of this could or has worked is purely speculation, and I take no Responsibility for any trouble you my find yourself in trying to work magic from old Taoist Lore.)Placing a spirit entity inside a corpse was known in Taoism as Corpse Magic. It was a popular technique used among the ancient Wu sorcerers in South-West China, especially around the Sichuan province area. It thrived as a common practice in China up until the early 1900s. Corpse Magic actually was originally used for benevolent purposes. A Story from the Sichuan province around 1600-1046 BCE  tells us that if an Hung Lo was traveling with a family member (an uncle Larry, for example) on a business trip away from home, and the uncle suddenly died, it was the responsibility of Hung Lo to return the corpse back to the family burial plot. If  Mr.Lo was too poor to afford any type of casket and transportation for the corpse, he  could find the local Taoist priest( Let’s call him Father Corky), pay a small amount of money, and receive a Corpse Talisman. This talisman (written on a yellow piece of Rice paper or Silk) was specifically constructed for uncle Larry’s physical body. Empowered with the  talisman, all Hung Lo had to do was place it onto poor dead Larry’s chest, and a spirit entity would immediately enter into the deceased uncle’s corpse. The uncle’s corpse would then stand-up and begin to follow Hung back to his home county. As long as the talisman remained on the corpse, it would not decompose, but simply follow the individual who originally placed the talisman and activated it. If Hung Lo had to travel for several days, he would simply remove the talisman from the uncle’s corpse at night( would have come in quite handy for weekend at bernie’s ). The uncle’s corpse would immediately collapse and begin to decompose. In the morning, all Mr. Lo needed to do was again place the talisman on the uncle’s chest and the spirit would re-enter into the corpse and again follow him on the journey homeward. The Spirit within the Corpse was never human to begin with, often a Minor Demon or Elemental, and often stories are told of something going wrong and the spirit gone rogue.
During the “opium wars” of the early 1900s, drug dealers began smuggling opium inside the bodies of dead individuals that were being influenced by Corpse Magic. Traditionally, customs agents were unwilling to search the spirit possessed body of a corpse, making it easy to get the drugs across imperial blockades. Eventually the emperor of China issued strict sanctions forbidding the practice of Corpse Magic in order to stop drug dealers from smuggling opium across county lines inside these moving corpses(this was quite easy to pull off, even without a Taoist, a bit of yellow paper with some writing on it, stuck to the chest of a sickly man or woman and shazam,you had yourself a drug mule).
Another practice of Corpse Magic used in ancient China (found in the Classic of Mountains and Seas,Wu Yang is the major speaker in Zhao Hun (also known as, Summons for the Soul). was the magical skill of transferring the soul into a corpse, known as “Shijie.” This Daoist practice focused on placing the sorcerer’s soul into a new body in order to allow the sorcerer to continue training in magical alchemy.In the west this Idea is only entertained seriously. to my knowledge, By Peter Carroll in Liber Null. As a ritual for “Cheating Death,” this rite was performed through transferring the soul into a willing “donor,” someone who has recently died, or the forming body of a fetus. A sorcerer wishing to do this type of Corpse Magic must first develop a tremendous amount skill in the Art of healing . This is because the sorcerer must already be used to transferring his or her energy to manipulate an individual’s energy body, channels, and energetic fields. Therefore, the foundational training and skills of Healing Magic must already be established before attempting such Necromancy. For example, only after a sorcerer has mastered the ability to purge and quicken certain energetic states of Qi obstruction and blood stagnation existing within an individual’s body, will he or she be able to remove all energetic obstructions from the lungs and transfer his or her Qi (life-force), Ling Shen (magical spirit), and Shen Xian (eternal soul) into the unharmed, drowned victim’s body. Traditionally, there are several magical rituals used in order to prepare the sorcerer for this, and these rituals took about 5 years (better start early and soon, my elderly Black Magician friends!) The three ways of transferring a soul are described as follows:

Willing Donor: In this situation, an older sorcerer transfers his or her soul into the body of a willing donor. Before the initial transference begins, the older sorcerer first transfers the young donor’s soul to the body of a Dog or Pig (I know a few folks who wouldn’t mind, don’t you?). This is accomplished by having the sorcerer go through the donor’s physical body and empty out the donor’s spirit body (i.e., by separating the spirit/s etheric shell from its “physical house”). This purging process enables the sorcerer to easily transfer the donor’s eternal soul into the Animal, and once the animal dies,the donor was told he would pass to the celestial realms to experience a higher spiritual evolution(I may also have a bridge to sell you in brooklyn , you crafty Taoist Sorcerers). The older sorcerer can then begin the process of possessing the donor’s younger body. When an older sorcerer begins the process of possessing and animating the body of a younger donor, the technique is sometimes known as a “walk-in.” Since the sorcerer has also “cheated birth,” he or she retains the knowledge of all his or her esoteric training, and is free to continue the process of training transformational alchemy,not a bad deal for 5 years of work.

Recent Death: In this situation, the sorcerer transfers his or her soul into the body of a newly deceased individual. Traditionally, the body of a drowning victim was preferred, because the victim had initially suffocated to death and his or her tissues were otherwise healthy and still intact (i.e., the body’s energy channels and internal organs were still in good condition). Sometimes, however, the body of a coma victim was chosen, especially if the tissues were salvageable. It is important to note that the sorcerer did not have to be physically present in order to manipulate and perform this type of Corpse Magic possession. Sometimes a seasoned sorcerer will have established an energetic bond and friendship with a spirit entity who is from the Water Elemental realm. The Water Elemental will then inform the sorcerer of a recently drowned candidate, whose body is young and healthy, and whom the sorcerer can easily overshadow and possess( it was good to have friends like that in the 1600’s). Initially, the sorcerer begins by emitting Qi in order to reanimate the drowned victim’s body reviving the victim’s brain functions, heartbeat and breathing. As the victim’s body transforms from a morbid state of death to a state of coma, the sorcerer increases the Qi emission to include activating the energetic function of all of the victim’s internal organs and tissues. Finally the sorcerer transfers his or her consciousness into the slowly reviving tissues, and suddenly “wakes up” inside the new body. At this point in transformation, the sorcerer begins the process of reorienting to his or her new life and identity. This is further accomplished by consciously disengaging all physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual attachments to his or her old body.A few Taoist schools of magic begin training the skill of Transferring the Soul by first animating the energetic channels of a drowned piglet. The sorcerer will start by transferring his or her Qi, Ling Shen, and soul body into a drowned piglet. As the sorcerer gets the drowned piglef s energy to reanimate, he or she learns to eventually gain control of the animal’s internal organs and tissues. Eventually, the magical resurrection practice was increased until the sorcerer was able to fully animate the body of a drowned human being.
Forming Fetus: In this situation, the sorcerer transfers his or her soul into the body of a newly developed fetus. Traditionally, the body of a healthy young woman sixteen years old is chosen for this type of Corpse Magic. This age is traditionally chosen because the young woman is energetically strong and vigorous and will be able to withstand the energetic transferences. After the sorcerer impregnates the sixteen year old, he will then transfer his soul and
consciousness into the forming fetus. Essentially, the sorcerer’s transferred soul will then be born from the womb of his own wife, and he will therefore be his own child(boggles the mind,doesn’t it?). Because the wife will then become a widower, her future financial stability (and that of the infant sorcerer) must first be established before the magical ritual begins.So, Save your Pennies and become your own Son, or buy a piglet and start practicing…And may you live in Interesting times.

Sources:Allan, Sarah. 1991. The Shape of the Turtle: Myth, Art, and Cosmos in Early China.,Birrell, Anne, tr. 2000. The Classic of Mountains and Seas. Bodde, Derk. 1961. “Myths of ancient China,” Chang, K.C. 1983. Art, Myth, and Ritual: The Path to Political Authority in Ancient China.Kagan, Richard C., ed. 1980. “The Chinese Approach to Shamanism”, Chinese Sociology and Anthropology 12.4:3-135,Professor Jerry Alan Johnson 2006 , The art of Magical Transformation.

Art-Corpse Road, Vincent Piazza Copyright 2015

The Black Art of Corpse Magic was originally published on The Hidden Left Hand

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