STEPPING INTO MISFORTUNE: a cleansing ritual

According to the teachings of some conjurers(Taoist and otherwise), there are many factors that could be at the root of a person’s bad luck. For example, the cause could be astrological; an individual may have been born at a time when the influence of baleful stars crossed and darkened the path of their personal lucky star. The individual may also have more enemies than they can cope with (the greater the number of enemies – the greater the amount of psychic influence that can be directed towards the individual). Additionally, the victim may have absorbed this misfortune from the environment, either by coming into contact with people, places or things that were contaminated with poisonous negative energy, or by willfully insulting or disrespecting the spiritual entity dwelling within a particular area. One of the most popular methods of secretly bewitching a person is to gather dirt from a cemetery and then spread it outside the doors of the unsuspecting victim’ s house. Unable to notice this unlucky dirt, he and his family will step into it and carry it into their home. This attack is easy to execute and can be repeated with total impunity. The simplicity of this spell makes it dangerous because anyone can use it, even a disgruntled neighbor. All that is needed is the victim’s address, not his name or birth date. In this, and all other instances in which a victim has been cursed, the best defense is to conduct a cleansing ritual, but instead of asking YHVH or Jesus to clean the slate, lets go old school and use the oldest god we know of,Fire.

To perform the ritual for him or herself, the sorcerer proceeds as follows:

• The conjurer begins with the “Opening the Ceremony” ritual of her choice (I would use Fire Entities for this one if you have worked with any demons or elemental of that sort)you must have a red candle at the upper right or your altar.

• You then burn both the spirit money(you may use monopoly money if you wish, as long as it is in the shape and form of bills) and a petition in which you ask for the “God of Fire” to help get rid of the bad luck( once again, I’m not going to pick this god for you, I’ve used Fudo as well as Asmodeus for this ritual, both have served well). The Taoist teachings that I work from believe that this fierce Element destroys all negative energies.

• The sorcerer then uses fire to ”bum” any negative energy attached to his or her shoes and hands. • To purify your body with the fire, you move the red altar candle at the upper right area of the altar toward the front. The sorcerer then symbolically washes his or her hands by rubbing them together above the candle at a distance at which they will not be burnt by the flame but will still feel its heat. It is important that you continue this purifying action for as long as you feel it is necessary to wash the bad luck off.

• Next, the sorcerer places the red altar candle on the floor and prepares to cleanse his or her feet. This is done by making small circles over the flame with each foot and allowing the flame to slightly bum the sole of each shoe. If the you are not wearing shoes, you should keep each foot at a safe distance from the flame( blisters suck). It is assumed that you are cleansing your everyday shoes, as it is believed that they are the ones that have been contaminated.

• The sorcerer repeats the process as often as he or she wishes, alternately holding each foot over the flame until you are  reasonably sure that the evil energies attached to the shoes have all been destroyed.

• After both feet have been passed over the flame, return the red altar candle to the upper right area of the altar and close the ceremony as you will. In serious cases, you may decide to also pass your clothes over the purifying fire.

Hope this helps, someone asked me for a cleansing ritual recently, so I thought I’d share it with all of you.

Art work- God of Fire- Vincent Piazza, Copyright 2015

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