Demon Study:Barbatos

BarbatousThe Next in my Demon study, Barbatos. I’ve worked with this spirit twice, both times dealing with relationships between friends.In my experience, he is a spirit of talking and information,and boy does he like to talk! Each time I’ve called him no matter what my request was, he volunteered to give me details concerning the past and future of those closest to me, as well as their true thoughts and feelings about me.I had more of an interest in his power to mend broken relationships as well as create new ones with those in positions of power. These last two powers can be particularly powerful in combination where a person can not only befriend a person in power but also influence them toward their interests.  It seems to me that his information and and personal thought ability is linked to his greater power of relationship manipulation. As I plan to work with him on future projects,  I will try to gain a greater understanding of this.He also has the power to give voices to animals, meaning that he can make it so that the conjurer understands what animals are trying to communicate to him or her. This is untested by me, but deserves further experimentation.

The sources for this spirit’s lore are as follows,From oldest known to most recent:


Pseudomonarchia daemonum – Johann Wier (1583) (quoted)

Barbatos, a great countie or earle, and also a duke, he appeareth in Signo sagittarii sylvestris, with foure kings, which bring companies and great troopes. He understandeth the singing of birds, the barking of dogs, the lowings of bullocks, and the voice of all living creatures. He detecteth treasures hidden by magicians and inchanters, and is of the order of vertues, which in part beare rule: he knoweth all things past, and to come, and reconcileth freends and powers; and governeth thirtie legions of divels by his authoritie.


Dictionnaire Infernal – Collin de Plancy (1863) (paraphrased) 
Barbatos appears as a horned archer or hunter in the woods with four kings sounding horns before him. He is similar to Robin of the Woods or Jack in the Green. Once of the order of the virtues of heaven, he now commands 30 legions. Barbatos teaches how to decipher what animals speak of, knows of buried treasures, can reconcile disagreements between friends, and knows of past and future events.


Goetia – S. L. MacGregor Mathers (1904) (quoted)


The Eighth Spirit is Barbatos. He is a Great Duke, and appeareth when the Sun is in Sagittary, with four noble Kings and their companies of great troops. He giveth understanding of the singing of Birds, and of the Voices of other creatures, such as the barking of Dogs. He breaketh the Hidden Treasures open that have been laid by the Enchantments of Magicians. He is of the Order of Virtues, of which some part he retaineth still; and he knoweth all things Past, and to come, and conciliateth Friends and those that be in Power. He ruleth over 30 Legions of Spirits. His Seal of Obedience is this, the which wear before thee as aforesaid.




He appears to me as a disembodied wraith with long white hair, a wild black dog at his heels. At the first calling he came with his Kings and troops, the second time alone but for the dog.His name derives from Latin barbatus, meaning “bearded, old man, philosopher” but no beard was to be found in my calling of him (this is supported by others who have worked with him that I’ve spoken with). It is said in the True Grimoire that he is under Satanachia,But alas,I can not say true on this, as I’ve not called him in connection to that system, but plan to in a future. He has asked for a raven feather, and recently, a bunch of fresh flowers as payment for services rendered.It is said he is strongest in late April and when the sun is in Sagittarius,I did call him in that time frame for our first meeting, the second was done outside of such requirements but I did invoke Sol and Sagittarius within the conjuration, as an aside I’ve found this to work well when needing to call a spirit outside of it’s correspondence. To fill the room with the energy of Sol and Sagittarius before evocation main and inscribing said astrological symbols in the air above your skrying stone/mirror often does the trick.To work with him from within a demonolatry rite you would use the Enn:Eveta fubin Barbatos. More details about enns themselves are to found in demonolator books like The Complete Book of Demonolatry.

Goeita Source work-

Art and Words by: Vincent Piazza Copyright 2015

Art-Barbato’s Dog -2015

Demon Study:Barbatos was originally published on The Hidden Left Hand

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