A Review of “The Secret Life of H.P. Lovecraft”:by W.J. Renehan



This is not a book about the “Secret” life of H.P. Lovecraft, but more a monologue about how each one of the more famous stories that came from HPL’s fevered mind “could” have been inspired by a series of black envelopes.Not a bad thing in and of itself, the writing is well thought out and pacing is solid, but I should note that if you are an avid fan of Lovecraft like myself, you will find nothing new in these pages. I would however recommend this book to someone who has never read the Mythos, as it would be a fantastic introduction. All of your favorites are mentioned here; Dagon, Herbert West, Thomas Malone and Arthur Jermyn (White Apes!!!!!) and the chronicle flows seamlessly from story to story. I only wish the Author/Editor would have given us more, new points of reference from other subjects not covered by Lovecraft within the tales themselves, just to name one example.The Author,W.J. Renehan, is the Editorial Director of Dark Hall Press and from what I can gather he has a passion for Lovecraft brewing just under the surface. He has emulated the style of Lovecraftian fiction quite well,unfortunately he has only given a myopic view of a what might have been, and I feel the meat is missing from the bone.If his next installment gives us more substance from the darker corners of “histories archaic”, this reader would be more than pleased.

Review by: Vincent Piazza

A Review of “The Secret Life of H.P. Lovecraft”:by W.J. Renehan was originally published on The Hidden Left Hand

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