The Meme as a Magician’s tool…



meme (m m)
A unit of cultural information, such as a cultural practice or idea, that is transmitted verbally or by repeated
action from one mind to another.
We’ve got a slight problem here, when we go over the definition of a meme and what it is. How is cultural
information relevant to us, and what does it shape? How does it function? How does culture spread information throughout the vast network of human minds? Thankfully, or perhaps not so thankfully, we have memes to
help us along.The meme functions on a symbolic level, being the connector-between-ideas. In other words, all
those times that we immediately have an “in-grained” or taught thought when something we hear about
appears, we’re dealing with a meme.

In a way, a meme can be looked at as a “cultural sigil” – when we create sigils, we’re encoding memes for our-
selves… And if memes get powerful enough they can act as egregores.Take a look at Nike or Disney for a
moment and tell me those corporations haven’t “fed” something that jumps into our subconscious, imaginative
mind? The meme is the first little connector. Give it several more, maybe hundreds or millions, and suddenly
you have an idea that’s as alive and awake as any other.
In this way, we can say that the “Satanic Scare” of the 80’s did actually occur. People really did believe they’d
been raped, had the child aborted, and then gone on living… Especially when thought transference, or hypno-
sis was involved, it was easy to “guide” them to these confessions.The belief in a wide-ranging Satanic con-
spiracy even today posits that people on this very list are actually murdering women left and right in the name
of Satan…satbaby


This is a meme, alive and well, infecting human minds when it can.So, how do we defend against something we unconsciously create in large groups? Well, the answer is typically we don’t. Most humans simply aren’t capable of such a fight. On the other hand, as Magicians and Witches we can. Simple Meditation routines when performed daily can “harden” the aura (subconscious) of the Magician to a point where it is very hard to “infect.”
So how is it done: avoid the media.Turn the goddamn television off, avoid the traps of TV advertising… Stop watching the news. Just stop fucking watching it. Memes are culturally embedded in the so called “Daily News” to help further the cultural agenda. “Black Men are Dangerous” is a typical one,complete with a picture of the crying family that some sap just shot…

We need to extract these influences from our lives if we want to function on a level that most simply can’t.Facebook, the dark overlord of our social lives would never allow such a thing,the Meme is here to stay,and as long as we have Social media, and Cats to talk about,it will only get worse.The easiest way to do this is by beginning to combat the memes themselves….with your own Memes.Fight fire with fire, as the saying goes, just remember that if you look at a meme as a sigil, this opens up all of the rules about sigils that you’ve been taught, and with great power comes great responsibility.
Another problem we’re going to face is, in all honesty, the “meme” attached to Satanism.You say, “Satanism”
and people automatically assume “Devil-Worship.” Let’s be honest: we haven’t helped this by the name we’ve
chosen. Lavey could have used Prometheans, or anything else, but he didn’t. I assume this was because he
hoped to finally crush his opposition.Well folks, we’ve failed so far.
So, how do we deal with this? We can cut our losses, move back, and re-name ourselves. However the Old
Guard aren’t going to want to do that. And so, some of us are actually left at a Stand-still… Or you get the Political activism of the TST waving signs and horns at folks,with no Magical underpinnings at all.While we are “Left Hand Path” and fully agree with most Satanic thought (aside from maybe some of the ONA’s creepy-ass teachings, and those of a few madcap cult leaders) we also realize we cannot combat this meme functionally without additional weaponry. Something needs to be done about this…funny-bill-gates-million-meme

Memes can be assaulted on an astral level; just like a servitor or an Egregore, they’re vulnerable to psychic
assault.If we assume that astral projection is 90% the creation of imagery in the mind of the practitioner followed by
the expulsion of energy radiations that spread beyond him and attempt to “Sense” and interact with the
“other” that means that there are less astral barriers in a workplace than in a single human mind.That’s
because so many are involved, and so many – haha – memes might be combating each other at that one time.
Of course, there is another theory that they are vulnerable because those toiling day in and out for nothing
more than pay under a single name and logo (in essence, what you need for a Servitor) creates a being that
then “lives” on an astral level rather than a “real” level.
What we need to do is, essentially, begin our own psychic warfare strategies.The first way is to implant another “idea” where the traditional one was.This is easier if the idea is negative because for some reasons memes seem to thrive on negativity. Given enough time, and enough people spreading the basics of this mimetic implant, the original meme itself will be subverted and altered…
A major question that needs to be asked is this, “if we can do this with memes and Egregores, what about
I think this answers a lot of questions about his sudden “change of heart” in the New Testament… Enough
people assaulted the “Meme” of the Hebrew God for such a long time that they subverted the original meaning of what it was. Interestingly enough, the Christian God is currently under psychic attack in the same way
from Quantum Mechanists and Physicists.

For the next week you could declare yourself a Christian; for the entire week, any time you have a theology debate with a Christian, or a discussion on religion, insist that you are in fact, a Christian – even say you’re searching for a church as we speak – and during the discussions allow yourself to slowly slip in bits and pieces of Gnostic heresies. Or perhaps a bit of Luciferian thought.

I believe that if, in all honesty, each of us conducted this experiment for a good enough length then given time
we could fundamentally fracture the Christian-Meme.
In that way, we could subvert it from within without ever having to have “gone to war” as far as ideologies go.
In fact, if we cracked their meme, we would alter reality on a level where some “truths” might
become… universally recognized in a way that would subvert the meme even further.
It is of course, simply a theory, but well worth considering.We don’t have to shake our fists at the sky to get
this shit down; nor shout Hail Satan at people (Or “Hail Eris” for you Discordians holding apples right now.).
But if you wish to, that’s quite alright with the Hat and I….867


(Special Thanks to St. Faust for the idea and Inspiration)

The Meme as a Magician’s tool… was originally published on The Hidden Left Hand

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