Evocation, Conjuration and the Art of the Karcist=Part 1

callll“Eliza, Montjohn,” said Mayor Rudgutter as they walked, “this is Brother Sanchem Vansetty, one of our most able karcists.” Rescue and Stem-Fulcher nodded greetings. Vansetty ignored them…. Vansetty was pulling chalk and pastels of various colours from his pockets. He pulled what looked like a watch from his fob pocket and opened it. Its face was divided into innumerable complicated sections. It had seven hands of various lengths. “Got to take account of the variables, Mayor,” Vansetty murmured, studying the thing’s intricate working. He seemed to be talking more to himself than to Rudgutter or anyone else. “Outlook for today’s pretty grotty…High-pressure front moving in the aether. Could push powerstorms anywhere from the abyss through null-space up. Fucking poxy outlook on the borderlands as well. Hmmm…” Vansetty scrawled some calculations on the back of a notebook. “Right,” he snapped, and looked up at the three ministers. He began to scribble intricate, stylized markings on thick pieces of paper, tearing out each one as it was finished and handing it to Stem-Fulcher, Rudgutter, Rescue, and finally for himself. “Whack those over your hearts,” he said cursorily, stuffing his into his shirt. “Symbol facing out.”

China Miéville. Perdido Street Station (Kindle Locations 4985-4990). Random House, Inc..

Calling Spirits, Casting out and Bringing in Demons, Binding Elementals and having High tea with Angels. Yes, gentle reader, that is what I’m writing about here.Because we live in a multi-dimensional reality, interactions with the spirit world are a natural part of the human experience.It happens everyday, if you know it or not. Encounters with spirit entities can either be positive and uplifting or negative and detrimental. No, I’m not talking about Angels and Demons as a classification here when it comes to Positive or Negative:

“Kirsty Cotton: Who are you?”
“Pinhead: Explorers in the further regions of experience. Demons to some. Angels to others.”-Hellraiser, Clive Barker

The only classification that truly matters here is that the spirit has no material body (of it’s own) and can be called to the practitioner in a way that can be reproduced with some modicum of reliability.This can include such entities as Thought Forms and Elementals,Demons and Angels,Seelie and Unseelie Fey, Gods and Goddesses from around the world.The Art of the Karcist mainly deals with those entities that have never been mortal, or have been dead and changed for so many years (in the case of Gods or Loa) that they no longer recall their mortal lives.The funny thing about such entities and their relationship with man is that until roughly a century ago, all mental illness was treated as a sign of spirit oppression or possession. Today all signs of oppression and possession are treated as a sign of mental illness. Because the outward symptoms of spirit oppression or possession (anxiety, disorientation, fantasies, delusions, etc.) are similar to textbook symptoms of neurosis and psychosis, the prevailing tendency is to diagnose
such cases as paranoia, hysteria or schizophrenia. What I am proposing here is that the “spirit world” itself could affect the Physical and Mental body through the subconscious emotional connection with an individual Spirit. The resulting subconscious emotions will continually surface as dreams, visions, and flashes of images. Because these subconscious emotions stem from a natural interaction with the spirit world, they could never be totally repressed, but instead continually redirected into either positive or negative actions. When you look at the Preparation and Ritual that most of us go through to summon an entity to us: the states of paranoia( feelings of persecution and an exaggerated sense of self-importance), hysteria (exaggerated or uncontrollable emotion or excitement) and schizophrenia ( hallucinations (most reported are hearing voices), delusions (often bizarre or persecutory in nature), and disorganized thinking and speech. )you can see that we are simply driving ourselves Mad for a short time to Evoke or Invoke an Entity.
According to research funded by the National Institute of Mental Health, conducted by Dr. Erika Bourguignon and Dr. Felicital Goodman, behavioral patterns that are commonly labeled by modem psychiatry as psychotic (seeing visions, hearing voices and having contact with the dead) are not only considered normal, but are an integral
part of the religious practices of 96 percent of the 486 Tribal societies that were studied. Their research concluded that, in most “Primitive” societies, individuals who are not capable of altering their consciousness to perceive energetic and spiritual states of altered reality were considered psychologically” defective.” Additional research maintained that in ritual trance there is a predetermined beginning and ending to each experience of an altered state of consciousness. Afterwards, the individual returns to an ordinary state of consciousness (his or her self-aware ego still intact) with a sense of purpose and meaning about the altered experience. Psychosis is differentiated from this type of altered state in that psychosis is an unpredictable and unwanted state of disoriented madness that is void of meaning in ordinary reality, while ritual trance is an intentionally heightened state of consciousness brought about by carefully performed rituals that are designed to maintain the integrity of the individual.

Knowing this, it could give us a Unified Evocation Theory:

“Thus any Spirit, from all Traditions Past, Present and to come; may and could be summoned by a prescribed Golden Mean of psychotic states found as common in all cultures that practice evocation.Furthermore, by only changing the cultural framework (Names of God/Goddess/Spirit, Tools used, Type of offering/ sacrifice given, etx…) said Spirit will come again and again, needing less energy,time and effort for each consecutive working.”-V.A.P.

I’m not trying to rebuild the wheel here,just pointing out that when one individual’s mind and emotional state is directed towards purposely influencing the environment around him or her,a Spirit is called. Every individual’s
mental state is accompanied by certain vibrations that resonate on the energetic and spiritual planes. The plane of physical vibrations arising from the human brain and nervous system has energetic counterparts that manifest through the vibrational resonance of the entity . To put it simply, we are filled with spirits, bacteria and the biospheric network of DNA based life has consciousness on a molecular level.


To quote Lon Milo Duquette’s Alter ego Rabbi Lamed Ben Clifford “It’s all in your Head, but you have no Idea how big your Head is”.-The Chicken Qabalah of Rabbi Lamed Ben Clifford
The effect of an individual’s influence over a spirit is initiated through the energetic principle of “induction,” which manifests on all three planes (physical,  energetic, and emotional). The principle of induction is described as “that inherent quality or attribute of energy by which the manifestation of energy tends to reproduce itself in a second object by setting up a corresponding vibration, even though there is no direct contact between the two objects.” For example, the vibrational manifestation of heat generated in one object tends to induce the vibrational response of heat in other objects that are within its range of induction. Likewise, the vibrational resonance of light striking
another object can render it capable of additionally radiating light; and through induction, a magnet can induce magnetism into a piece of steel suspended nearby, even though the two objects do not actually touch each other. In the same way, every form or manifestation of energy, including the thoughts and emotions of we hairless apes, can and do “Evoke” spirits or even cause change in other people. Take, for example, two people sitting in a room. If the first individual has covertly suppressed feelings of hostility and the second person is sensitive to the energetic resonances of anger, then the second person will begin to feel uncomfortable or suddenly act out the first person’s suppressed hostility (even if the hostility is not consciously being directed towards the second individual). The emotional discomfort or the sudden acting out of emotional release then seems to happen for “no apparent reason.”This suppressed emotional state is like honey wine to a spirit with the same vibrational resonance, like attracts like and all that jazz.If the Practitioner can generate the same emotional state as, say Loki, then suppress this state and maintain it while creating an atmosphere of paranoia, hysteria and schizophrenia, the God of Strife and Mischief could not help himself, if just to see what felt so “right” about that particular time and place.When a spirit entity approaches an individual, it will use whatever existing core images that it can find to gain access into the human’s mind and physical space . It will choose the strongest natural image available (sexual fantasies, anger and rage grief and resentment, fears and phobias, depression and despair, obsession and compulsion, happiness and joy, etc.).If we control what those images and emotions are at the time of summoning, we can have that much more influence over the end result of the ritual. More So, If we can recall that emotional state and invest it into an Item, or even a hand sign ( Mudra, for you Yoginis out there)the process of calling and summoning becomes accessible outside of the Ritual Chamber.

Just some food for thought, these theories and ideas are my own and no Elder God was harmed in the writing of this Blog post.Stay Gold….

“And Excerpt from the Grimorium Carceris- unpublished”

Artwork- “Porch Calling” and “Spirits” by; V. Piazza, Copyright 2015


Evocation, Conjuration and the Art of the Karcist=Part 1 was originally published on The Hidden Left Hand

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