Decisions on Good and Evil….

A fly on the wind

Decisions on Good and Evil, what makes a Luciferian or a Satanist this or that. All points that bring the fools running and the opinions flow like milk from the teat. Now, I’m a Taoist before any other label you would care to hang on my tattered Hat, so my point of view comes from such bias. First eliminate all thoughts of gods and devils.
As a Luciferian the goal is to beyond good and evil. Philosophically, whatever is, is exactly the way it is supposed to be as a result of cause and effect, birth, decay and death, cycles and reversion.
Evil is a construct of man. We place our moral judgement on events and say that such and such is either good, evil, or it doesn’t matter.
Pain is a physical thing. All living beings experience pain of one form or another. Just part of life.
Suffering is psychological. Even though we might be in pain we need not necessarily be suffering because of it.
Evil exists only because man has stated that certain things are evil. If one of these things that has been classified as evil has been enacted the evil has been done.
From my point of view, creation is the same as destruction, birth is the same as death, just changes of name and form.Evil, being just a name or a descriptive then it can only be temporary in nature. For example the evils of times gone past are the accepted norm of today … mini-skirts for example,Is it evil if I ended the life of a living being and ruthlessly chopped it’s limbs from its living body?
That might cause you to react by saying “YES!!”
But what if I am just pulling up weeds from my garden, cutting them up and tossing them on my compost heap?
So “evil” is just a concept of the mind relative to social standards and my world view.laughs at the whole concept of good vs evil. In other words, a satanic or Luciferian perspective is that what’s considered good and what’s considered evil is relative and personal.Dressing it up in a hat and red claws and saying “Look at the evil over there in the night” is a really old trick, but it’s not a trick the LHP will profit from adopting.
By: That Old Diabolist= The Hat

Art; Fly on the wind, Vincent Piazza Copyright 2015

Decisions on Good and Evil…. was originally published on The Hidden Left Hand

4 thoughts on “Decisions on Good and Evil….

  1. I get the idea that evil is just a concept, in Buddhism such concepts are just illusions. But by calling yourself a satanist or Luciferian are you not just identifying yourself with the (imaginary) figure that has been identified with human suffering and negativity for millenia?


  2. I think that what tomgeorgearts is getting at, is that Lucifer is just another false symbol. That the deliberate identification with the symbol of Christian/Abrahamic “evil” fulfills many psychological desires for everyone on all sides, but that these are also false.

    Life and death, creation and destruction, black and white, good and evil, etc, all dualities, are simply two sides of the same coin, so to speak. Opposites require each other to exist, and which side is which depends entirely on your point of view. This is essential to Eastern philosophy and spirituality, and not particularly unique or enlightened of Luciferians.

    The Luciferian spirituality/philosophy itself is relatively recent, vague, and assembled from other spiritual traditions. Give it time, and it will become another structured dogma used to justify inflicting death and suffering.

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