The Jade Rabbit

We might celebrate all under the sun,
but never forget to honor all under the moon.
The Jade Rabbit who lives in us all.
all that is yin-
woman, mothers, emotion, creativity, intuition, art, darkness
It is a time for poets, a time to remember that all things that come from the dirt make the world function.
This day is close to the autumn equinox: a reminder that light and dark, yin and yang are equally important.
The fields we planted (or words we wrote, money we’ve made) and worked so hard for show their results tonight.
We can not do more then invest the time that it takes to ripen.
No plant ever grew upside down.
No season but autumn came after summer
No pear trees bear apples
Your truth is true, time after time.
Follow that path to truth.
Give yourself completely to your truth, and watch your life shine with bright darkness.
Have a Wonderful Eclipse everyone, and may your Jade Rabbit never go hungry.
jade rabbit

The Jade Rabbit was originally published on The Hidden Left Hand

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