A Review of “The Billionth Monkey” : by Richard Kaczynski

bill_momkey_FinalFun fact: All writers are crazy, to some degree. There is a reason for it — actually making it through a novel almost requires it. If you love to read, then you’re continually benefiting from other people’s craziness. And by this standard you would think Mr. Kaczynski is quite insane (I did at first), but in a delightful, Slapstick 0 to 80 Mph sort of way. For someone born and breed from the city of New Orleans, this book gives some of the best descriptions of the city and it’s likes’ and dislikes’ by a non-native that I’ve read in quite sometime. Filled with nerd humor, dead bodies, and more Pop culture references then you can shake a microwaved kitten at, It strains my imagination to the breaking point to even attempt to tell you what this book is about without ruining it for you.Let me just put it this way, say you happen to live in a world where every urban Legend your grandma’s, boyfriends, ex-roommate’s uncle told you about slowly became real and tried to kill you. What would you do? Mr. Kaczynski gives us a few ideas, along with sight gags in print, occult facts mixed with the Snarky Observations of the main Protagonist’s “companion” , Dr.Who style, AND a Hamlet scene comic book at the end. Why? I can’t tell you that! Read the book and see, I promise you dear reader, you will not be disappointed.

I Give this one a Tip of my Hat, and look forward to his next work with rabid anticipation.

Stay Gold folks…

Review by: Vincent Piazza

A Review of “The Billionth Monkey” : by Richard Kaczynski was originally published on The Hidden Left Hand

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