READING OMENS like a Taoist Sage, I mean like a Boss!




a sign of what will happen in the future; an omen.
“they heard the sound as an augury of death”

Augury and the reading omens is a big deal to the Taoist Wu. Signs can come to you in the natural world, and according to an ancient Han text, these observations are considered to be important Omens that all Taoist Wu and lay persons should watch for in their day to day life.Some may seem  familiar to the Western Occult Practitioner,but a few are quite odd and culturally peculiar. These omens are based on observing certain phenomena that occurs externally (in the Macrocosm) rather than internally (in the physical body). Have fun looking for ravens and magpies, and read those Omens like a Boss…

. Animals
• If a raven flies over one’s head Calamity will come

• If an owl is seen entering the house His visit does not come for nothing, change comes with him
• If magpies come before noon, They announce joys

• If magpies come after noon, There are demons about


House guests will come
• When wild magpies chatter
• When the cat washes its face
• If ants plunder and rob the nests of others ants – there will soon be rain

• If many mosquitoes fly against the wind, It will rain


. Candle /Lamp Flames
• If the flower of a candlewick snaps or flashes, ­ Wealth approaches
• If a lamp wick sputters and throws out sparks tonight -Happiness will arrive in the home tomorrow”

. Sky
• If a rainbow is observed in the East It indicates that fine weather is approaching

• If a rainbow is observed in the West It indicates that rain is approaching

• If the sky is observed as red in the morning ­ It indicates that it will rain in the afternoon
• If the sky is observed as red in the evening Fair weather is approaching

• If a halo is observed around the Moon It indicates that a wind Dragon (Typhoon!) is approaching


. Phantom Stars
According to the Miscellaneous Divination of Lu Fong,the Heavenly Patterns and Phantom Stars, observed in the Heavens could reveal the following:
• Red Colored Star: A Great army approaching, much death is coming
• Yellow Colored Star: Extremely long train of army soldiers approaching, but the land will be defended
• White Colored Star: Great mourning, illness, plague
• Green /Blue Colored Star: The condition of the annual harvest will be positive
• Black Colored Star: Approaching flood, buy a Ship!
. Miscellaneous
• When the stones under the house posts become wet – it indicates that rain is approaching
• Five days of rain or ten days of wind Are both good omens for winning at Gambling on the very next dry day (the term used was Mahjong ,but I bet it could apply to cards as well)
• A Six-petalled snow fall (I’m from the south, and haven’t a fucking clue what this means) – Indicates a good omen of an abundant year for prostitution !
• When eyes quiver and eyebrows grown long, somebody’s telling what you’ve done wrong

• When a woman in the state of Ch’i is abused, there will be no rain for three years

•A son should not live under the same sky as his fathers murderer, if he tries to, dogs will bark more often till he moves away or avenges his fathers death.


Stay Gold folks….


Source :A Manual Of Chinese Quotations: Being A Translation Of The Ch’êng Yü K’ao  by: Lu Fong

READING OMENS like a Taoist Sage, I mean like a Boss! was originally published on The Hidden Left Hand

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