Black Friday’s Evil Egregore :Magic, Thanksgiving Genocide and Black Friday Stampedes

Black Friday



I’m of two minds on the existence of evil, really. I think people are entirely capable of it, certainly. And being Subjective on the idea of Evil, I’m not so sure about the existence of entirely evil spiritual entities, but I would put in some votes for part time ones whose goals aren’t human.But I do believe that we as Humans we can create entirely Evil Egregores. I realize this kind of puts me out there in Crazy Magical theory territory, but hey, I’m a Left Hand Path Taoist. I specialize in Crazy Magical theory .


I think genocide is an illness,and this illness creates Egregores though, whether it is mental or spiritual energy, or some combination of both remains to be seen. Being the both/and sort of person I am, I’d argue that it has to do with both because I believe that the mental and spiritual realms overlap on many levels. So, when you look at the Egregore of Thanksgiving you can never ignore the genocide that eventually befell Native Americans. The pillaging of land and resources, rape of women and other atrocities for the most part have been erased from our history books and replaced with the story of a festive feast where humanity was recognized and family and community uplifted..


What drives evil in the human heart is a question that’s plagued our species from the beginning. Humans in mobs always seem to act differently than humans as individuals, and I think that mob psychology, or maybe that egregore of psychic mob energy has something to do with it, driving us to the lowest common denominator — in this case, genocide. People pick up on each other’s emotions so easily sometimes, and I suspect that riding that kind of murderous power high is a really easy emotion to pass from person to person. I think it’s similar to terror in a crowd, when people stampede and crush others in the rush to escape rather than trying to help each other.


About 10-15 years ago we started hearing about bargain basement sales if you were willing go to the mall the day after Thanksgiving.The news stories about happy shoppers and the festiveness we saw at malls were replaced by stories people getting killed or seriously getting injured as folks made mad dashes for the limited items placed on sale.. Each year we saw footage or heard tales of full on fist fights and assaults with patrons fighting over the last cabbage patch dolls or that one last video camera or the only widescreen TV. Others would find themselves getting robbed in the parking lots moments after making bargain basement purchases. Something vital switches off inside us that would ordinarily lead to compassion.

What the fuck is an Egregore?

Egregore (also egregor) is an occult concept representing a “thoughtform” or “collective group mind”, an autonomous psychic entity made up of, and influencing, the thoughts of a group of people.


Sounds like the Holidays, doesn’t it? Influencing, the thoughts of a group of people, it happens everyday, and when we come closer to Thanksgiving and X-Mas, these Egregores raise there ugly heads, and lap up the Cash and blood that is spent and  split in their names.If you think about it what we are seeing is the completion of a circle.. That first ‘Thanksgiving meal between Native Americans and invading pilgrims was underlined by their greed and the desire to take over..The Egregore was created by that Greed and Desire. It wasn’t about the feast, it was about sizing folks and getting them ready to be slaughtered. We are now seeing that today, folks getting primed up to be economically and spiritually slaughtered..And the Egregore of Thanksgiving and it’s bigger cash fat Brother, Christmas, just become more and more powerful each year.


We will soon have a generation that will look at the holidays not as a time to spend time with family and loved ones, but a time to go shopping and score a good deal for self, and fuck that old lady holding the X-box, she doesn’t need it as much as I do..Black Friday has mutated into an unsightly beast, and we keep feeding it. And this is Magic my friends, pure dark magic, and the Corporations know it. How could they not? It has worked for so long that this entity is now able to feed itself and propagate without us. Black Thursday, Cyber Monday, all smaller Egregore’s feeding off the same energy. Retailers have manipulated customers so much that consumers are begging them to take their money,The invisible hand of the market is too busy doing invisible things to care about children, the elderly, and other people get exploited and if people get exploited its their own fault, as long as the Egregore is empowered. Rape, exploitation, and genocide is the fault of the victim, at least that is what they are trying to sell us. And we are buying it wholesale, for only $99.95.

So this year, if you think about rushing off from your loved ones to get that great deal on a 50′ Plasma TV, try and remember that you are performing magic, but not for your benefit, but to benefit those who want to destroy you.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone, Stay Gold.

Art- Black Friday- 2015 by: Vincent Piazza



Black Friday’s Evil Egregore :Magic, Thanksgiving Genocide and Black Friday Stampedes was originally published on The Hidden Left Hand

One thought on “Black Friday’s Evil Egregore :Magic, Thanksgiving Genocide and Black Friday Stampedes

  1. Shit man, me and the missus just board ourselves up in our house on Black Friday. It gets to be too much like Night of the Living Dead out there on that day…or maybe the first sequel, Dawn of the Dead, is a better metaphor…

    Well at any rate, stay safe, and have a happy holiday.


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