The Blood is the life : Using the vital fluids in the Evocation of Spirits



“And when I passed by thee, and saw thee polluted in thine own blood, I said unto thee when thou wast in thy blood, Live; yea, I said unto thee when thou wast in thy blood, Live.”- Book of Ezekiel, Chapter 16, Verse 6.


The Bathroom is dirty,lights flicker, a man in a leather jacket calmly walks in whistling “Easy” by The Commodores. He is wearing a Top Hat,a stained white buttoned down shirt rolled up at the sleeves,Red vest,black jeans,black boots. Turns and locks the door,walks to the sink and mirror like he owns the place,takes his Hat off with a flourish and puts it on the sink,stops whistling.Smiles at his reflection.He reaches in to his vest and pulls out 4 objects,lines them on the sink,a Straight razor, a zippo, a pack of camels and a small lead coin with something etched upon it.Takes a cigarette out, light’s it up, puts it on the rim of his Hat.In a soft respectful voice he chants-


“I lite this cigarette in the name of Belzebuth, in your honor do I send up this smoke in an offering to thee.”


He picks up the straight razor,then cuts his right arm with it,winces at the pain,then with his left hand draws the sigil with his blood on the mirror In a Strong,Commanding voice he calls out-


“In the Name of Belzebuth, King of the powers of Air,Prince of Demons,I inscribe your Signature in my own blood,to call upon you so that you may honor the pact we have Previously made.You who May send or avert plague or sickness, whose vessel is the fly, I adjure you……”


No, I’ve not lost my marbles, but thanks for asking. This is an example of a ritual that I’ve performed (I wrote this as the opening scene for a script), and it’s quite typical of off the cuff evocation that I prefer with spirits that I have a relationship with. I’m talking to you straight about using Cum, Blood, Shit and Piss in ritual magic. When you have no Incense, or powders, or magic wands, this form of Spirit working is the last resort.


But after a number of years, it becomes the quickest way to call something to you, but there is danger in speed. Now note, By this I am not talking about animal sacrifice but that does have a time and place. In fact, it is an all-purpose Taoist ritual tool. Useful for mixing chicken blood with ink to write talismans, to throw the blood at ghosts, to offer en toto to ghouls or demons who may be appeased by the chicken instead of attacking humans, and more. Whenever it looks like a living sacrifice is necessary, out comes a chicken. Which is a shame, because I could think of a few of the modern occultists that probably could’ve used a ritual murder. But I digress….



Most types of Demonolatry have all incorporated some form of blood letting or blood ritual.   the sacrifice, which is the act of making something sacred, of a few drops of your own blood as offering to deity is the most personal offering you can give. Not all Spirits demand or insist upon blood sacrifice, but most Taoist ones do, and many from the west expect it out of hand. As a matter of fact some prefer sexual fluids instead, and I will cover this later on.


Now please, don’t go cutting your Arm and bleeding out in some back Alley, if any of you try this and come crying to me, too damned bad, your horrible choices are not my responsibility. Spirits can and do feed off the ‘Vital force’ in blood, ( the bio electricity in the red blood cells ), but only if it’s fresh from the vein and you only have a 10 to 20 minute time window before the Gore loses it’s potency.


The human body stores about 5 litres of blood and after 2 litres have been lost, major organ failure occurs and it is pretty much the end, one way or another. Keep this in mind, when starting to work with this part of your essence .Blood, contains all the mysterious secrets of existence, no living being can exist without.


The Arabian Art workers thought It profaning the great work of the Creator to eat blood.” In his turn Moses, following the universal and traditional law, forbids eating blood. Paracelsus writes that with the fumes of blood one is enabled to call forth any spirit we desire to see; for with its emanations it will build itself an appearance, a visible body. The hierophants of Baal made deep incisions all over their bodies and produced apparitions, objective and tangible, with their own blood.


The followers of a certain sect in Persia, many of whom may be found around the Russian settlements in Temerchan-Shoura, and Derbent, have their religious mysteries in which they form a large ring, and whirl round in a frantic dance. Their temples are ruined, and they worship in large temporary buildings, securely enclosed, and with the earthen floor deeply strewn with sand. They are all dressed in long white robes, and their heads are bare and closely shaved.

Armed with knives, they soon reach a point of furious exaltation, and wound themselves and others until their garments and the sand on the floor are soaked with blood. Before the end of the “Mystery” every man has a companion, who whirls round with him. Sometimes the spectral dancers have hair on their heads, which makes them quite distinct from their unconscious creators.


The taboo connected with this subject, shows us how carefully guarded are its mysteries, as well as how powerful they can be. And we can add to this the taboo connected with a women’s menstruation, but I leave that to the Ladies to write upon. Feces can work well as material for evocation, but only when piping hot out the shoot. The time of use is quite long, 30 mins to an hour, but can only be used with Earth entities and the unsavory idea of it and our deeply implanted social aversion to the unclean makes this a difficult working to pull off. Sperm and vaginal fluids gathered after masturbation can be used in the calling of sexual and love dominion entities, but your window is even smaller (about 5 mins) and it often times works best as an accumulation offering with other methods to “Prime the Pump”, so to speak.


When it comes to urine, nothing is better for banishing an entity, if a brazier is lit at the start of a calling in the name of the spirit, and you feel that it has decided to hang out after you have asked nicely for it to leave, piss in the brazier commanding it to flee, as the fire goes out, so will the spirit. It goes without saying to only use your own Blood or Body leavings in such workings, if you disregard this advice and do something foolish with an animal or human being, the results could be destructive, outside of a very structured spiritual tradition like Vodun, Taoism or Palo Mayombe.

I hope some of you can put this info to good use, stay Gold Everyone.

Sources: Blood Evocation, paper by: Frater K.C. , The Grimorium Carceris by: Vincent Piazza (unpublished)





The Blood is the life : Using the vital fluids in the Evocation of Spirits was originally published on The Hidden Left Hand

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