Not the beginning I expected…

A Fantastic, well written beginning by a very talented Witch who truly knows her stuff when it comes to The Art. Thoughtful, poignant, Her writing style evokes smokey back woods and mossy trees.I’m in anxious anticipation to read more of this blog.

Haints & Hexes

New years , new beginnings and all that jazz. I am not one for resolutions; I do not wait in line to purchase a ticket for the train of guilt after a season of indulgence. The entire winter season is an introspective pilgrimage for me. As a result, I do a lot of purging of things and people who no longer coincided with my journey or nourish the heart and mind. Many people hit the new year with a jolt of over exuberant enthusiasm which quickly fizzles out. I like to take it more in the style of a lazy Sunday morning, long stretches with my eyes heavy from a cathartic nights sleep, or so I had until now.

The other night, I woke with a deep ache. One of those aches so hollow and so void, you simply gasp in desperate confusion. Sat upright in bed, I could not…

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