How to channel Qi without killing your neighbor’s dog (or yourself for that matter)




Good evening everyone, I’d like to talk about Qi (Chi) and how to move it within your body safely, as well as methods to project it without harming fish, aardvarks or the general wildlife you may find around you. Now there are ways to push Qi to harm and/or kill folks (Dim Mak for example, but that is for a later post).


When the novice comes to the Taoist master to learn inner Alchemy, he or she is at first treated rather coldly and even turned away(most Taoist masters are assholes, and it is  a good thing to be an asshole when everyone else has told you how smart you are and how you should be given the teachings on a silver platter). Both Zen (Chan) Buddhists and traditional Taoist masters thus test the sincerity and humility of the applicant. Those who pass this first hurdle are told to read and put into practice the writings of Lao-tzu and Chuang-tzu. They are taught the way of nonjudgment that shuns worldly fame and glory. They are also encouraged to follow the rule of the Taoist way of life, not to seek wealth, fame, or power from the way of Inner Alchemy about to be taught to them. Yes, a tall order, and I’m no master, just an Asshole in a Hat. So, I’m going to suggest that you do all of that stuff, but if you don’t, well, you get what you put into it and if you fail to listen to the old dusty masters, and start bleeding out of your eyeballs, it is no ones fault but your own.Anyway, back to the meat and potatoes…. Finally, they are urged to master the yin-yang five phase system (also called the five stages, movers, or elements), an ancient protoscientific way of classifying changes in nature. This age-old method of classifying nature’s permutations relates to changes that take place in the human body (microcosm) as well as the outer world (macrocosm).


The five phase system developed quite naturally from patterns observed in the yin-yang cycles of nature. Thus, as Laotzu’s forty-second chapter explained, Tao gave birth to One (primordial breath). One in moving gave birth to Two (yang), and resting produced Three (yin). Another view of the process taught that One breath gave birth to the two principles of life, yin and yang. Joining, yang and yin formed the visible world. Separating, yang (fire) went upward to form the heavens while yin (water) flowed downward to fill the world beneath earth in the ocean. Heaven,
earth, and water or underworld were thus born of yin and yang. The two principles continuously generate the three realms.The two principles also inform the four seasons and the visible world of nature. Yang produces spring and summer, while yin brings forth autumn and winter. Yang dominates from sunrise through the early afternoon, while yin rules from sunset through sunrise. In living things yang governs birth to maturity while yin prevails from later maturity through old age. Thus the two principles born from primordial energy, yang (male, bright, active, moving, ascending, fire, destroying) and yin (female, obscure, passive, resting, descending, water, birthing, and nourishing) are at work in all of the myriad creatures gestated from Tao.


The four seasons are spatially related to the five directions. Spring corresponds to the east, the color blue-green, and the element wood. Summer is in harmony with the south, the color red, and the element fire. Autumn responds to the west, the color white (the silvery sun shining on ripening wheat in the late afternoon), and the element metal (the scythe used to cut the autumn harvest). Winter touches the north, the deep purple of the sky before dawn, and the element water. A fifth referent is added in the Chinese system, the place of humans standing in the center of
the cosmos watching the process of change going on in the world around. For the meditating Taoist, the center is celebrated in Chinese festivals during the third, sixth, ninth, and twelfth lunar months. Its color is a bright gold-yellow, its element is earth, and its function is to heal or harm.



All of this should be understood BEFORE you start pushing and pulling Chi, the reason for this is that The human body and its vital organs are intimately bound together with the outer world of nature and its cyclical changes. To be in tune with these changes is an essential part of well-being. Spring and the nourishing color of bright green
resonate in the liver. Summer and the warm ripening color of red reside in the heart. Autumn and the maturing color of silver or white dwell in the lungs. Winter and the deep generating color of purple are found in the kidneys. The central organ where the bright healing yellow of earth is stored Is the spleen. These five organs, the liver, heart, lungs, kidneys, and spleen, are called zang (tsang) or “storing” places, because the elements of birthing, growing, maturation, harvest, and rest-generation are stored there. Knowing this, when we draw Chi into the body, it is essential that we pull the correct form of Chi to the correct place of the body, too much fire chi (seen as red energy) in the Kidneys (Black or deep purple) and it will cause a imbalance that may harm the practitioner.



Even though all of the bodily organs are important in maintaining health, the five storage areas are particularly emphasized in the meditations of Taoist Inner Alchemy. This is because of the interrelationship between the “storage” areas and all the other organs. The inner and outer cosmos are related through meditating on these five organs. All of the healthy memories, colors, sounds, fragrances, or feelings that are stored in the human body evoke well-being in an orderly manner, through the passage of time and the cyclical changes of the seasons. Once you master these five organs and storage centers, you can then move forward to working with your Tan Tien and Micro and Macro cosmic Orbit.

These organs, also come with their own soundtrack! Crazy I know, but to work with the properly you should know the beat and how to dance to it. I will use the descriptions given by the old canny Master, Mantak Chia

They are:


The lungs’ sound: Place your tongue behind your closed teeth, and with a long, slow exhalation, create the sound sss-s-s-s-s-s (like the sound of steam coming from a radiator). During each resting period (as you slowly inhale), smile to the lungs. Picture them surrounded by white light, and concentrate on feeling the virtue of courage, which is directly related to the lungs’ energy. This will enhance the positive energy of the lungs.

The kidneys’ sound: Form an O with the lips, as if preparing to blow out a candle, and with a long, slow exhalation, produce the sound choo-oo-oo-oo. During each resting period, smile to the kidneys as you picture them surrounded by a bright blue color. Feel the virtue of gentleness, which will enhance the positive energy of the kidneys.

The liver’s sound: Place the tongue near the palate, and with a long, slow exhalation, produce the sound sh-h-h-h-h-h-h. During each resting period, smile to the liver. Picture it surrounded by a bright green color, and feel the virtue of
kindness. This will enhance the positive energy of the liver.


The heart’s sound: With the mouth wide open, exhale a deep breath slowly, and produce the sound haw-w-w-w-w-w. During each resting period, smile to the heart, and picture it surrounded by the color red. Feel love, joy, and happiness to enhance the positive energy in the heart.

The spleen’s sound: Again place the tongue near the palate, and with a long, slow exhalation, produce the sound who-o-o-o-o-o from the throat, like the sound of an owl. (This is more guttural than the kidney sound.) During each resting period, smile to the spleen, and picture it surrounded by a bright yellow color. Feel the virtue of fairness, which will enhance the positive energy of the spleen.

The triple warmer’s sound: (Practice this while lying down, if possible.) With your mouth open, exhale slowly as you produce the sound heee-e-e-e-e. During each resting period, try to imagine a huge rolling pin flattening out your body from the forehead down to the toes. This will balance all the energies activated by the other sounds and help relax the body thoroughly.



These sounds and visualizations, done in order three times apiece, from lungs to triple warmer, should be done once every morning for 6 months to get a feel for working with Chi in a Taoist manner. A good foundation is essential to progress, and I don’t want to hear any crying that this is taking too long and why can’t I have the keys to the universe now!!!!! Take it slowly, you have all the time in the world to learn this stuff, and if you don’t, then you might as well go bowling.

I think that’s enough for now, I will follow up with a part 2 on this soon.

Stay Gold everyone…..

How to channel Qi without killing your neighbor’s dog (or yourself for that matter) was originally published on The Hidden Left Hand

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