Come one, Come All! To The International Left Hand Path Consortium – Atlanta Georgia!



Readers and Friends, I’d like to take this time to invite you to hear me speak on Taoism and the Left Hand Path. This talk will be held at the International Left Hand Path Consortium, and will take place in Atlanta, Georgia on April 8-10th 2016. But it won’t just be my silly mug sucking up valuable air and talking on things sinister…..

Yes friends, we are talking about three whole 3 days of Presentations, Art, Music and Exhibits!

Presenters Include:

Dr. Thomas Karlsson

Edgar Kerval

Corvis Nocturnum

Taylor Ellwood

Ken Henson

Dave Smith

Bill Duvendack

Augustus Invictus

Caleb Storms

Andrew Wiseman

Lucian Black

Jake Block

Robert Podgurski

Rachel Summers

Typhon Draconis

Toby Chappell

Tau Palamas

Vincent A. Piazza

El Bee Kanobe

Zach Black

Kerry Lynn

Craig Williams…and many more!

Once you get your fill of the Occultists filling your heads with true lies and things to make your eyes bleed, you could always put on your best human meat suit and attend…


Saturday Night April 9th 2016

Formal Attire From ANY Time Period Is Acceptable, ( but if you show up in attire from the future, you best be naked 😉 )

Do you like Art? Well we will have much to keep your eyes and ears satisfied and horrified (but in the most delightful way!)

Here are just a few of the Artists and Musicians who will be on hand to entertain you….

Francísco D. (Divine Mania)

Rev. Steven Johnson Leyba

Ken Henson

Aaron Morgan

Christopher Lee

Luciana Lupe Vasconcelos

Ovezt Alia

Matt Deterior

Tasha Manery

Lydia Workman

Jason Guffey

Dylan Garrett Smith

Corviid (Raven Ebner)

Silver Cicada

Projekt F

Projekt F01

witchcraft witches yoga tao taoist Crowley LeVay tantra Wiccan Wicca sex magic sex magick dragon dragons

Ciaran Arts


black dark cystals candle magic candle magickr candles sacred wizardry wizard warlock elemental elementals



Thelema OTO Ordo Templi Orientis CoS Church of Satan Satanic Satanism Lucifer Luciferian Luciferianism 

Osofo Andrew Wiseman


Enochian John Dee Babalon Babylon sigil magick chaos magick sigil spell curse incantation evocation invocation

Shea Bilé


incense crystal crystals ritual elements pentagram hexagram tetragrammaton transmutation alchemical  hex

Acrucé Mortem 

Acrucé Mortem

Rosemary’s Baby 5th Element Johnny Depp Harry Potter Golden Compass Discordian Robert Anton Wilson

Eyes of Ligeia


Oh, this isn’t enough for you? You want more……

Well then, hop on over to the International Left Hand Path Consortium website and take a look.

Tickets can be bought here:

Take care everyone, and stay gold, I look forward to seeing you all there…..



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