Creating Destiny from the dung-heap: One Magician’s return to the Bell,Book and Candle.


“I have come back, I have come back from a pit of pimps and whores! Ladies and gentlemen, I’m making this up on the spot so bear with me. I have come back need a wash behind the ear, is there logic in a tear? Who has rolled my stone away? Must I come back another day. I have come back to dance upon a broken toe. It is ulysses’ home to roost – the pro-chance a little juiced. I have come back, I have come back to look upon this apollen pall, and not there is to say my friends, say fuck you all, you all. In my beer you dropped your cigarette, don’t you have the least regret?“ –  a night in the life of jimmy reardon

Hello Ladies and Gentlemen, it has been quite sometime since I’ve sat down to write to you all, so if I am a bit rusty, must excuse me. You see, a short time ago my life as it stood upon it’s ears and toes, complacently fell apart. All at once, loss of the job, broken relationships and some poor business choices lead to a downward spiral of dizzying proportions. As a Magician and practitioner of the Art, my first reflex was spell work to fix the issues in my life. When it comes problems, working the Art is about forming one’s fate rather than being bound by it, but sometimes fate has a better lesson up it’s sleeve.

The principle behind fate and the knowledge necessary to change it comes from the fact that Man may be a group animal, but at heart he is still an individual; and learning to stand alone, when all others are joining groups just so they can “belong,” is one of the hardest things you will ever have to do. This goes double for Witches and Magicians, in fact, It is so important that a practitioner thinks for him or herself, and does not just
conform to belong, that by not doing so we have seen some of the worst atrocities
in the world carried out. Not because people necessarily believed in everything they were doing, but because they were just following the group.Think Hitler, Pol Pot, Jim Jones, David Koresh, Shoko Asahara and Charles Manson… all grand and powerful Magi. We must learn to leave the groups we belong to and stand alone, before we become the thing we most despise. It doesn’t mean socially isolating ourselves ( although I for one am quite guilty of such and the Hermit is known and addictive to most of use), just not throwing
ourselves head first into belonging, without first investigating what it means to you (and the rest of us) to belong, and what it will mean for you and for others, if you are forced out. You must investigate this, or you can get drunk and go bang a few hookers and forget I said anything.

As Magicians, we just can’t seem to be honest with people or be loyal to them, can we? It’s always about Ego and the next big spell working to amaze our peers and get facebook likes. Just when we think we can trust an Adapt, they let us down.
And let’s face it; most of us are pretty good at letting people down.
But as individuals who belong to the group called homo sapiens, we must try to find a way to be loyal to the people who aren’t the Master Magicians that we think we are, whoever they are, to support them, give love, guidance and compassion, and not falter in our
friendship and mentorship. That is what it is to be a true member of the group – not
some temporary relationship with some people from workings on the Left Hand Path, High Magic Lodge or some Witch’s coven. It’s time to start thinking outside our little groups and facebook clicks and thinking of the impact we are having on the big group. Us instead of them.

I watched as one group of Magi trashed the name of any other practitioner who associated with an event that allowed a speaker who’s ideology didn’t match with their own agendas. As a group that I was once a Leader of pulled down the founding member and trashed his name, dragging him threw the mud and tossing him out with the trash.

But life is like that, isn’t it? We’re not all “perfect,” and in fact, none of us are, or ever will be. Perfection does not exist, except as opinion. And the practice of magic only makes things bigger and more intense, less perfect and more Ego driven. Every-time we spin the wheel in our own favor, someone else is taking it up the ass dry with no Vaseline.

It is incredible the pressure we put ourselves under isn’t it? We all want to put on a public face. We want people to think we are one type of person, usually an upstanding (morally admirable) member of the community. Even in traditionally Amoral communities like Satanists and Magicians (and yes, I lump them together here, and point to Aleister Crowley and the OTO as my example, the Beast would shake his head in shame at some of the moral crusades a few folks from his organization have went on) There is always he who is more righteous then thee.

So, what lessons have I learned from my semi retirement from the field of the Art Magical?

(a) If you think it is wrong it probably is, so if your going to do wrong, know it, own it and be a fucking beast at it.
(b) If you worry it might be wrong, it probably is, but no one is paying attention because they are too busy playing pokemon Go.
(c) If someone else says it’s wrong, go back to A.
(d) Right action is always right, but…..
(e) Guilt is a waste of a precious life.

Thank you for attending this vomit of words. I am back motherfuckers and hope you enjoy my insipid drivel, if not, well, why in the nine hells are you still reading this? Go Bowling or something, why don’t you?

Stay Gold folks…..till next time.



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