The Three Sisters

Once upon a time, very long ago, there were three sisters who lived together in a field.

Each one loved the taste of Blood, on her lips, in her mouth. Smearing the deep red lipstick around her cakehole of a mouth. The first three lines of each stanza are the well-known long trochaic lines of 15 syllables, with a break after the eighth, as they occur in poems deep in each sister’s womb.. Ea, Lord, Ea, Mother, Thou with uncounted names and faces, Thou of the many faceted Nature in and above all, to Thee we sing our chants of praise. Chorus Chorus Chorus Chorus Chorus: Go thou not from us.Fuck us in pain everafter.

In Indian lore, you three would be known as the ghosts of  little girls who bring disease, especially to children. The ghosts lives on mountaintops and comes into valleys during the night for revelry and to spread disease by casting its shadow over victims. Children are protected from the acheri with AMULETS of red thread tied around their necks. Similarly, in European lore, red charms protect against bewitchment and harm from evil spirits and witches……but I digress.


We were talking of the Blood, the Right.Red, Rovie that the sisters loved so much, but supernatural torture they loved even more. The last family they destroyed, The Lutzes, according to their account, were immediately subjected to horrible phenomena. Voices told them to “get out”; there were swarms of flies in the cold of winter; Stacy had nightmares about the murders; the APPARITION of a “demon boy” who could shape-shift into a demonic pig was seen; green slime oozed from walls; a crucifi x hanging on a wall was turned upside down; Stacy’s face transfigured before Steve into a horrid hag; mysterious noises sounded in the middle of the night; the apparition of a little girl became Melissa’s playmate; unseen presences embraced Stacy; cloven hoofprints appeared in the snow outside the house; locks and doors were damaged; and so on. Their behavior and mood deteriorated. The children couldn’t attend school, and the sisters just smiled dirty, sullon red smiles.

They called in The official exorcist of Vatican City in the archdiocese of Rome. Dedicated to the abolition of Satanic evil, Father Gabriele Amorth says he has personally handled over 30,000 exorcisms around the world. He believes that many modern-day pastimes and games—such as conjuring, playing with magic (not illusion), conversing with a TALKING BOARD, listening to rock music, and contact with Satanic ritual and content—open the door for demonic POSSESSION. He says there are too few priests who even believe in casting out devils (although Jesus bequeaths that ability to the apostles in His name: Mark 3:5, 10:8), much less have any training in the ancient rite. You see, today is Father Amorth’s 91st birthday, but he had no plans to celebrate. He awoke just after dawn, said his usual morning prayers and one to Joseph of Cupertino, a 17th-century saint, and another to the late Father Candido Amantini, his mentor.

At exactly three P.M. he began to conduct the ritual of exorcism.

Rosa’s, the lady that the three sisters were hiding in; her head began to nod involuntarily. Her eyes rolled back, and she fell into a deep trance. Father Amorth spoke in Latin in a loud, clear voice, using the Roman ritual of Paul V, from 1614. He asked the Lord to set her free from demonic infestation. “EXORCIZO DEO IMMUNDISSIMUS SPIRITUS.” (I exorcize, O God, this unclean spirit.)

Rosa’s body began to throb, and she cried out, before falling back into a trance. Father Amorth placed his right hand over her heart. “INFER TIBI LIBERA.” (Set yourself free.)

She lost consciousness. “TIME SATANA INIMICI FIDEM.” (Be afraid of Satan and the enemies of faith.)

Without warning, Rosa began to thrash violently. The five male helpers had all they could do to hold her down. A foam formed at her lips.

“RECEDE IN NOMINI PATRIS!” (Leave in the name of the Father.) Rosa’s features slowly altered into a mask of despair, as her body continued to writhe. She was trying to rise and, clearly, to attack.

“SANCTISSIMO DOMINE MIGRA.” (Let him go, O God Almighty.) Rosa did not speak or understand Latin, but she thrust forward and screamed in Father Amorth’s face: “MAI!!” (Never!!)


This funny wrinkled old man in a white and gold suit had no idea how much trouble was coming his way. The sisters had fucked and sucked and killed their way across hell and back, who was he to think different? A damned fool, that’s who. He appeared an even bigger fool when he was found in a dog collar with one of those big rubber fists in his ass, drooling like a child. You see.  They move under the impulses of Mars and the Moon respecting sex and sustenance. Their pleasures are of the lowest and most sensual nature, they live like animals altogether in the physical, and their creed one of Flesh and Hunger.sickquit3

The sisters were to add beauty to strength, and to attain that ideal the Lords of Tartarus fostered, the plastic arts, painting and sculpture. These were not the ideals which are to be developed in a Sculpture and taught how the beautiful may be incorporated in the physical form.And they did, until they got caught…but that is a different tale for another time.

Stay Gold my friends….

When Belzebuth speaks,E.F.Hutton Listens…


(Note;This was the last thing you wrote before almost completely trying your hand at Art in 2015, perhaps the pretty folk would like to see it? (I had to bring the Hat into it didn’t I?)……..Its rough,I gather. but I’m not going to touch the motherfucker; it’s a lovely first draft,ugly bunch of notes with no addentation or sources . } Enjoy, my fiends….

Working with the Grandfather last night was a comfortable endeavor as always,yet my level of comfort is always tinged with disapproval, that feeling that I’m not doing enough,or working quite as hard as the Fly would like me to.You see friends,Belzebuth was my first Successful Evocation way back when I had no idea what I was about, and worked all magic from the hip.The fact that I even got his attention the first time at the tender age of 15,is something for the life of me I’ve yet to fully comprehend. Baalzebul,Belzebuth,Beelelzbub,know by so many names and from a number of old dusty books.A personal relationship with him is not unlike having a teacher who does not put up with your shit,and makes you work for everything you gain…we should start with The Testament of Solomon,as it was considered a veritable handbook of evocation. This masterful text fully expounds and crystallizes an exorcistic formula which existed from at least the second century BCE and continued to be a major influence in other related texts beyond the fifth century CE The formula begins with the identification of the demon: the demon is asked its name, to which the demon replies its name. This is followed by a question that places the demon into an astrological schema. This may include descriptive elements and is followed by a description of the physical appearance and abode. The demon is also quizzed about its deeds, powers and activities. The rite is concluded by the demon disclosing the name of the binding angel who thwarts it. The demon is thus bound to come at the summoning of the exorcist due to this original contract between them. In his Testament, the first demon dealt with by Solomon is named Ornias. Ornias is constrained, Solomon then gives the demon his ring and says ‘Away with thee, and bring me hither the prince of all the demons.’ Solomon then tells 0rnias ‘And go to Beelzeboul who has kingship over the demons and throwing the ring upon Beelzeboul’s chest tell him the King Solomon calls thee. The Lord God of Israel, who has given me this authority, with wisdom and power from God, by means of this signet.’ Solomon then questions the summoned demon ‘Who art thou?’ to which the demon replies ‘I am Beelzebub.’ The ruler of the demons then promises that he will bring all the spirits in bonds before Solomon. Once Beelzeboul is contracted he becomes the agency to bring forth all the other demons or spirits, including the demons onosneris and Asmodeus. Later Beelzeboul is summoned again and he describes how he was the only one left from the fallen angels, originally the first angel, in the first heaven, and that he controls all those in Tartarus, and of his child who will come in triumph when he is ready. Then Solomon questions the Prince ‘What is thy employment?’ to which he replies ‘I destroy kings, I ally myself with foreign tyrants, and my own demons I set on to men, in order that the latter may believe in them and be 10st.And the chosen servants of God, priests and faithful men, I excite unto desires for wicked sins, and evil heresies, and lawless deeds; and they obey me, and I bear them on to destruction. And I inspire men with envy, and desire for murder, and for wars and sodomy, and other evil things and I will destroy the world. I bring about jealousies and murders in a country, and I instigate wars.’ Solomon asks ‘Tell me in which star you reside.’ The Prince replies ‘The one called by men the Evening Star.’ ‘Tell me by what angel thou art frustrated.’ And he answered: ‘By the holy and precious name of the Almighty God, called by the Hebrews by a row of numbers, of which the sum is six hundred and forty-four, and among the Greeks it is Emmanuel.’ Solomon then orders Beelzeboul to work on the construction of the Temple and receives further astrological discourse. Thus, the ring is used initially to constrain the first demon, but after the Prince of Demons is subdued and promises to bring another demon to be bound before Solomon, the ring is used sparingly. This is followed by the identification question ‘Who are you?’ and ‘What is your name?’ to which the demon replies with a self-identification ‘I am … ‘ or ‘I am called … · or ‘My name is .. .’ or ‘I am known by the name .. .’ This is followed by a self-characterization by the demon which may include astrological correspondence, then a description, the physical appearance, activities, dwelling place, etc., then the name of the thwarting angel, then the sealing or contract, and the employment or commissioning of them to do some task or work. In the case of their employment in the Testament, one of the many different tasks relates to the construction of the Temple.
An example highlighting the idea of demonic flux in relation to authority is found in the writings of Johannes Wierus (c.l515-1588) in which a demonical Commonwealth is seen in full development. In many respects this reflected existing political tensions and the movement towards the ascendancy of parliamentary over monarchical powers in the sixteenth century. Weirus describes a great revolution taking place in Hades; .Satan has been dethroned and Beelzeboul has assumed his place. In reaction • .Satan forms an opposition party with himself as head.The now Emperor of Hades. Beelzeboul. was said to have been worshipped by the people of Canaan in the form of a fly. hence he establishes ‘The Order of the Fly’ – the only Order of Knighthood which appears to have existed among the demons.The inhabitants of the Empire of Hell were said to have numbered 44.435,156. A qabalistic parallel to these two opposing parties is to be found in the representation of the Qlipoth of Kether as expounded in The Book of the Black Serpent’ and applied in the teachings of the magical order of the Golden Dawn. Here an inversion of the unity of the first sphere of the Tree of Life belonging to Thaumiel the ‘bicephalous ones’ is ruled by the two contenders Satan and Moloch.The dyadic nature of the demonic is also reflected in the name ‘Diabolus’,whose etymology from the Greek reveals dia, that is two, and bolus, that is morsel ‘ … for he kills two things, the body and the soul.”
From a dualist perspective, demons are the agencies of God; they were seen as ‘customs officers’ to the souls of the dead and goalers for those who fell through sin, via their own free will. This function satiated the malicious nature of the demon, profited from their hatred of humanity, and fulfilled their love of inflicting pain and suffering. All misfortune, caused by demons or not, was considered the fault of the individual. If a man was being tormented by demons he was beyond hope. as this was the will of God. Herein lies a paradox. for demons as the agents of God could provide the means by which others were ensured of salvation. but they themselves were beyond salvation. In this light Beelzeboul becomes the irredeemable redeemer.


Sweeping away the cobwebs, Have you missed me Ladies and Gentleman?

Sweeping away the cobwebs and consolidating my Art and Writing here. It has been much too long and I’ve let certain essential skills grow fallow, and it has began to affect my mental health. I apologize, ladies and gentleman, I shall do my best to not let this happen again. But , life and sadness happen and before you know it all of your work tases of ashes in your mouth. This didn’t happen all at once, more of a slowly creeping otherness pouring into vain, sinew and bone. I can only begin again and find my muse in new and strange places. I hope you will join me on this journey and find the freedom of Art and magic that I am searching for, as only my reflection in your eyes will tell the rest of the story. I’ve included a few of my better pieces from the past and am now open for commissions, if you are interested in prints of any of my past or current work, just ask.

Till, next time….Stay Gold my Friends.


Vincent A.Piazza