Ritual Evocation of the Archangel of the Presence: How to Have Coffee with Metatron

Angel of the Presence- Pen/watercolor copywrite: Vincent Piazza

The following ritual is a Qabalistic invocation of the Angel of the Presence, from the 10th Century Hebrew grimoire, the Sword of Moses (M. Gaster,Studies and texts , vols. 1-3), and the Merkabah Rabbah(Great Chariot ), an ancient work of practical Qabalah.

Although the name ‘Metatron’ is not mentioned anywhere in the text, most of the secret and barbarous names ascribed to the ‘Angel of the Presence’ in this text are in fact secret names of Metatron found in other mystical texts. I don’t often work with Angels these days, but in the past gained much wisdom from these beings and have done some quite powerful ritual work with Metatron. Who is this cat, anyway? Metatron is the highest guiding and overseeing vibration in the Universe. He is the overseeing vibration of all light and life that exists within the Universal Spheres and has a very close affinity to mankind. Overseeing all transformation and ascending processes and vibrations, he is basically a spirit of Sacred Geometry and the five Platonic Solids. Note, that to be on the path means you fear nothing, and work with all spirits as equals. I take no responsibility for the visions that this may cause or temporary feverish study of the Qabalah. At the time I that I performed this rite I was in the middle of very heavy study of The Zohar and the Sepher Yetzirah, two books that have a wealth of information on the path, Samael, Lilith, the Qliphoth, and other more esoteric subjects.

Angels are much like focused lasers on one subject or energy, and if you’ve ever wanted to know just how you stand in the universal sense of things, calling Metatron will give you more insight then you’ve ever wanted. I suggest you use the god names as is and not change them for “infernal” sensibilities or prejudice in favor of or against YHVH. This spirit has come to this set of sounds since the 10th century, no need to go a’changing until you know what your dealing with. This ritual is, as far as I know, is the only ritual ever written with the specific purpose of calling forth the Archangel of the Shekinah. While many Qabalistic texts such as the Hekhaloth do indeed provide methods to unite oneself with Metatron, their techniques are entirely Theurgic; whereas this text seems much more closely related to the evocation methods of the medieval grimoires, and I think it will be of great value to those who wish to “spread their wings” and work with a Celestial. The invocation itself is quite beautiful, and abounding with esoteric symbolism. Moreover, in the Merkabah Rabbah recension of the ritual, many of the Divine and angelic names are vocalized – indicated in the text.
On a final note: there are very interesting correlations between this text and the conjurations in McGregor Mathers’
Greater Key of Solomon, especially the one in Book 1, chapter 7.

Rabbi Aqiba asked R. Eliezer the great: “How can one make the Angel of the Presence descend upon earth to reveal to humanity the mysteries from above and beneath, and the speculations of the foundations of heavenly and earthly things, and the treasures of wisdom, cunning, and help?” He said thereupon to me: “My son! I once made him come down,and he nearly destroyed the whole world, for he is a mighty prince and greater than any in the heavenly cohort, and he ministers continually before the King of the Universe, with purity and separation, and with fear and dread of the glory of his Master, because the Shekinah is always with him.” And he said to him: “My master, by the glory which thou hast bestowed upon me, I conjure thee to instruct me how to attach him to me.” (And he replied) : “In that hour when I wish to attach him to me and to employ him, I sit and fast on that very day ; but prior to it one must keep oneself free for seven days from any nocturnal impurity, and must bathe in the fountain of water, and not speak at all during those seven days, and at the end of this purification,on the day of the fast, he must sit in the water up to his throat, and before he utters the conjuration he must first say:

‘I conjure ye, angels of dread, fear, and shaking, who are appointed to hurt those who are not pure and clean and desire the services of the servants of the Most High– I conjure you in the name of QWNT (Qūnat ) YH HYH SNNQQRWMT (Senanqaqar ūmat ) HWYHYHPPNNH(Papnunāh) YHWH YH AQNS (ŸAqnas; alsoŸAnqas) YHWH, who is mighty over all, and rules over all, and everything is in His hands, that you do not hurt me, nor terrify me, nor frighten me;verily, in the name of the powerful, the revealer of the mysteries.

’After this he may commence his conjuration, for now he has fortified himself and has sealed himself with the name of God of 42 letters (there are actually 43 letters given), before which all who hear it tremble and are frightened, and the heavenly hosts are terror-struck. He must then again conjure, and say:‘ADR NHW HY ZZ PSSYH (’AdarnehūH ē yzaz Patzatzyah), chief, who of all the destroying angels is the most hurtful and burning, with this Name and in this way I call thee AWZHYA(’Uz-hiya), Angel of the Presence, youthful minister before the King of the Universe, who art a prince and chief of the heavenly hosts; I conjure thee and decree upon thee that thou attachest thyself unto me to fulfill my wish and to accept the decree of my conjuration and to accomplish my desires and fulfill my wishes, and do not frighten me, nor terrify me, nor overawe me, and do not make my frame shake and my feet vacillate, nor cause my speech to be perverted; but may I be fortified and strengthened, and may the conjuration be effective and the (sacred) Name uttered properly by my throat, and may no vacillation take hold of me and no trembling of the feet by thy ministering angels confuse me and overawe me, and weaken my hands, and may I not be overcome by the fire and flame of the storm and whirlwind which precedes thee, O wonderful and exalted one, whose Ineffable name is MHY GGDY (Gagadi) HYH ÿTRG (ÿAtrag ) HWZYH(Huzyah) MMSYGG (Mamsigag ) HY HYŠSMS (Šatzmas; alsoŠamtzam) HY HW HYH , of whose wrath the earth trembles, and nothing can withstand his anger, twice blessed.

Again I conjure thee by thy 14 names by which thou didst reveal thyself to thy prophets and seers, to place in their mouths sweet words of prophecy and to utter pleasant words; and these are the Ineffable names and their surnames (kynwy): Spirit PYSQWNYT,kynwy, QSSNGYHWR(Qesasnagyahu) HYH; ATYMWN,kynwy, ŠSMS HYHW (or SSMSNYHWN); PYSQWN ,kynwy QLWT HY WHW, HWGRWN,kynwy, MSHWS (Matzihōs);SNYGRWN,kynwy,TSNYG NHWSS YWHY; MŠY,kynwy, SQNTH YHWHYH; MWQWN (Mūqōn),kynwy,BTMLT PNGY (Batmelat Pangi) HYH; ASTS (ŸAst as),kynwy, ATMMNYK (’At mamnik)HWH HYH; SQTS,kynwy, QHR (Qihar ) ZYRWSS HYH; YHWAYAL,kynwy, SRDHWDYSSY (Serad H ōdisesi) HWH;YWPYAL,kynwy, QMHW ZZWH (QamhūZazwah)YHWY YHW HYH; SSNYGYAL (SasnigiŸē l ) YH,kynwy,SQMNHH (Saqmanhah) YHYHYH; QNNYAL YH (or QNGYAL YH),kynwy, SSMKT ŠYYHW (Tzatzmakat Šiyahu) YHWYHWH; ZBDYAL,kynwy, ANSSNYTT (or ANSSMTT) YWH YHWH.

I conjure thee with these fourteen names, by which all the secrets, mysteries, and signs are sealed and accomplished,and which are the foundations of heaven and earth. Four of these are engraved upon the heads of theHayoth, namely – HWGNŠT GNHW SSNNYSYH (Huganšat Ganhu Tzatznenisyah), the lord of powers; ZHWBD HWG QSYSH (Zehubad H ūg Qesisah), master of miracles; TSMSŠŠ NHY (Tatzmatz Šaš Nehī ) HH, master of purity; and QTNT SMH GBR GDRYH (Qatnat Tzemah Gebar Gedaryah) master of the Universe. And four are engraved upon the four sides of the Throne, namely: NHYPRD NHWDYNHWH (Nehiprad Nehudin Hawā) three times holy;PSG PGÿ ŠQMH (Pesag Pegaÿ Šaqmah) YH ADYR ADYRY ADYRWN PSBR (Pasbar ) TYLAWZYH (or AMZYH,ŸUmziyah) AL ALHY HALHYM ATBN ÿTQR (Atban ÿAtqar ) PNGYH(Penagyāh; also PNKYH), the king of kings. And four are engraved upon the four crowns of the’Ofanim thatstand against the Hayoth, as it is said: “When those went, these went; and whenthose stood, these stood” (Ezek. I, 21); and these they are – BLYTNY HWZY (Belit enay Huzay),who is the mightiest over all; ASGNW (’Asganu) SKS SRWDYH (Tzekas Serudyah), lofty over all; ÿNHWSSHY SSHWA (ÿAnhusas-hi Tzatz Hawa), who governs all; and DRHYBRWNYHW in whose hands everything is.

And two are engraved upon the crown of the most exalted and high King, and these they are – ZHTSSPT SSQRR (Zahtatzetzpat Tzatzaqrar ), the Seal of YH, before whom every knee bends and every mouth utters praises; AZQ (Azaq) HWHGRWN ŠWYŠYH (Ger ōn Š ōyašyah), besides him there is no God and helper. With these names I conjure thee, and firmly decree upon thee to descend quickly to me, N, son of N, thou and not thy messenger. And when thou comest down do not turn my mind, but reveal unto me all the secret mysteries from above and beneath, and the hidden secrets from above and beneath, and all the secrets of wisdom and the cunning of helpfulness, just as a man speaks to his neighbour. For I have conjured thee with these Names, that are great and mighty and wonderful and awe-inspiring, and proved and arranged in proper order, through which the glorious throne has been established and the beautiful seat of the Most High, which has been wonderfully wrought, long before thou and the heavenly hosts had been created, “While as yet He had not made the earth nor the fields, and the inhabitants of the earth and the creatures therein” (Prov. viii, 26).“I call thee further by the five selected Names, to which only one is superior, and this is their form: SNG QSNRTYH AYHA ÿT SMSM HW HW YH YH ALYH BHWRDGHW(Behurdageh) ÿŠMÿ(ÿAš Maÿ) HYH ALYH PŠTRSHW SSÿN (Pešat Ratzehu Sasÿan)WAHHYH ALYH AZHNK PTPTRY HWH YHYH YH AL YH.

I conjure thee by these five Names, which correspond to the five names of God, whose letters are written on burning fire,and they circle round the throne of glory, one ascending and the other descending, so that the angels of the Presence should not behold them, and this is their equivalent and form and glory :ATLMT GNYS HWH YH YHB QRYMWS QRYR HWH YH YH YHB AHYSWG HYH YHTHMNGYH YHB HWRGH WH WH WH HH GAY WHYH YHB AQNYÿP SL DD ŠQTTHWTHYH YHB . I conjure thee by these, as thou knowest their praise and greatness, which no mouth can utter, and no ear can hear, no, not even one of them. Thou hast been commanded and ordered by the Most High: “as soon as thou hearest anyone conjuring thee with these names, to do honour to My Name, and to descend quickly and fulfill the wish of the man who makes thee hear them; but if thou tarriest I will push thee into the fiery river Rigayōn and place another in thy stead.” Do it, therefore, for His Name, and come quickly to me, N, son of N, not in a terror,and not in fear, not with fiery coals, not with hailstone, and not with the sleet and treasures of snow, and not with the howling of the storm, and not with the provinces of the whirlwind that usually accompany thee, and do my bidding and fulfill my desire, for everything is in thy hand; by the permission of thy God, the master over all and thy lord, and with His Names I conjure thee to attach thyself quickly to me; come and fulfill my wish, and do not tarry.

Flying Slowly- Pen/Block Print Copy rite: Vincent Piazza

“I further call thee with the greatest of thy Names, the pleasant and beloved one, which is the same as that of thy Master, save one letter, with which He created and formed everything, and which He placed as a seal upon all the work of His hand; and this is its equivalent – AŠŠMQSTT MG MSYGGMPSYY MNYQYY PYPG HWGYYYHSS PSSYH SAMYGNSYA (or AMSNYSYA) QRNWHWHS, and the other in the language of purity is read so : YHWH YWHWH HW HW YHWH YH HYH YHWH YHWH YHWH YHWH HY WHYY HYW HYH YHHHW YW HY HWH YH YHWH YWH. I conjure thee with the right hand of sanctity and with His beloved Name, in whose honor everything has been created, and all are terror-struck by His mighty arm, and all the sons of the internal heavenly cohort (servants) tremble and shake of His fear, which is AŠM MSQTMPTG AWSYYG BYÿ MSYSTMT NYYSATT ZMN YYQYNPPG QWPHW ZYY SSM HYY AMSM ANS HWYY, and its equivalent by means of YHWH isHH YHYH WWHY HH YH YH YHWH HW YH YH HY HY WYH HWH YHWH HWY HYYHW HYW YHYH YH YH HHWH YH HHYH . Blessed be the name of His glorious kingdom forever and ever. And all praise and extol thy Name, for they love thee. I conjure thee, and decree upon thee firmly, not to disobey my words, and not to alter my decree and my decision with which I conjured thee, and decreed upon thee, and established in peace.

In the Name YHWHY AY HY YHW HB YH WA AH BAH HAH YWH HY HW AW YH HW YH YHH, blessed be the name of His glorious kingdom for ever and ever, depart in peace, and do not frighten me in the hour of thy departure; in the name of AH YHWH YHWH YH HYH, Lord, most high and holy, in the name of the Lord of Hosts, the God of Israel’s battalions; in the name of the holy living Creatures, and in the name of the Wheels of the Chariot, and in the name of the river of fire, YH, ZYY, ZYYN, and all His ministers, and in the name of YH, ZYYN, SBAWT AL ŠDY,AHYH AŠR AHYH YHW ADYR HSYN YHWH HYH, who revealed Himself on Mount Sinaiin the glory of His majesty.

Banishment and Final Release-

“With these Names, terrible and mighty, which darken the sun, and obscure the moon, and turn the sea, and break the rocks, and extinguish the light, I conjure you, spirits, and evil beings and Šiddim(demons) and Ś at anim(devils), that ye depart and disappear from N, son of N.

I hope you have all enjoyed this little trip into Angelic Evocation, stay gold everyone…

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