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The world is only a Halloween summer, brisk and cold as a hot Austin Wednesday. The dreams of tomorrow flow lovingly oh so lovingly down through the corridors of all hallows Eve. But of course we must attend to devil’s night. Once a tradition in the 1800s the hardcore version was brought over to our shores and goes on mainly in Detroit, New Orleans and New York. I can remember one night when a chick named Dharma went and did a striptease, and then after her show slicked the entire stage at big Al’s a strip club on North Beach. Four strippers broke their ankles that evening, it was the hideous black comedy that morning in the ER. Kindly old transvestite sitting on the corner holding court.And that Samhain was a Castro dumpster fire, like a friend on Craigslist cocaine, like a Child on Acid with a 40 year old stare. I moved to the Bay area Just 3 months prior to this, and had already fell in with the Hustlers and Whores.

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