The Wheel of Fortune:

The Wheel of Fortune:
When this card comes up for a client, I can offen times hear
Edd Byrnes speaking from the Astral plane, “A spinet piano, a trip to Las Vegas, a Muskin Dune Cat, a 24-inch color TV, a 1975 automobile, or a Snark sailboat! (spinning Wheel zooms into shot via the chroma-key center) These are just some of the many exciting prizes available. Total retail value of all these prizes: (money graphic appears) $20,130! Yours to buy today on (logo appears) Wheel of Fortune!!”…..

As Vanna White and Chuck Woolery reminded us, win or lose, Even the wheel of fortune can run over you. The Magr Arcana with the most Flash and Moxy, it integrates Egyptian, Greek, Hebrew, zodiacal, animalistic, and color symbolism all in one card. This is a card that tells you to play your risky bet. Determination wins out. The law of averages speaks in your favor. Gods rise and fall, mortals live and die, and round and round we go. We all play a part in that wheel, and now is the time for you, dear worm, to take the chance and put money on the long odds. Now friends, Just because the game is rigged and The prices of the prizes were furnished to the contestants prior to the show and have been rounded off to the nearest dollar, that doesn’t mean that you can’t have lady luck sit in your lap for a time.

But, dear player, She just won’t stay with you forever, and when the worm turns you have to know when to get off the famous Wheel. Because it is spinning, spinning, spinning, and the players will be winning, winning, winning! Nature abhors a Vacum, so the more those around you win, the more you will be bound to lose, and vis a vis. Because there’s lots of cash and some fabulous prizes just waiting to be won on Wheel of Fortune, never let the chance to lose stop you. And when the chips are down, and you feel like the Wheel will NEVER spin in your favor again, two things you should know: we haven’t done anything yet and we’re not that good to begin with, so why not keep taking a chance?

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