Queens for A Day: A Birthday Tribute Show for Picolla Tushy and May Hemmer! A Burlesque Review by Vincent Piazza

IMAG0530I wasn’t going to go to this show, but at the last minute the Hat and I decided to jump in the car and go to a small Burlesque show put on by Picolla Tushy and the Bluestockings at the Bar Redux. And let me tell you folks something, I’m overjoyed that I did! I was given the chance to meet some fantastic talent in an up close and personal venue, something that doesn’t happen often at the larger shows. Speaking to one of the fans, when asked what he thought of the burlesque revival in New Orleans, his reply was as follows…

And the night only became more fantastic from that point forward. The MC, Ren French,(AKA Buster Reaux)  did an amazing job keeping the crowd entertained with Queen trivia between sets.He is the writer and creator of “The Clifton Monroe Chronicles” and from the small interview I did with him it sounds like he has a number of plays in the works, One that this writer plans on attending and reviewing called “A Crescent City Christmas” ,opening December 2nd 2015 at NOCCA.


The two lovely ladies who this birthday show was put on to honor, Picolla Tushy and May Hemmer both performed with much skill and ribald comic fun.These two Dazzling debutantes are favorites in the New Orleans Burlesque Review, and the upcoming Show,The Demon Boobies of Skeet Street: Sweeney Todd Burlesque, Written by the talented Honey Tangerine , is going to be on my list of things to see and review this October.

Picolla Tushy made a flamboyant splash as Freddy Mercury…

And May Hemmer was elegant and self composed as the White Queen….

I even had the pleasure to meet a performer from my old stomping grounds, San Francisco, named Rasa Vitalia.She  is an award-winning dance performer, vocalist, songwriter, and performance artist, and her sexy scimitar dance had the crowd howling for more.

Honey Tangerine gave us a Blade Runner esque performance that hit all the right chords with the crowd, “The Show must go on”, Indeed…

And speaking of the show going on, even with technical difficulties trying to derail her performance, Ember Blaize still pushed forward and gave us a set that no one in the crowd will soon forget.

Rabbi Meat gave the crowd an eye popping example of feats of strength, done to the sounds of “We will Rock you”, she had the entire audience clapping and stomping along.

I do wish I was able to get a few clips of everyone who performed last night, but this is all I have.If I missed anyone I apologize, but all of the Ladies who performed here tonight couldn’t have done a better job or gave such a shining example of what Burlesque is all about. Here are a few more stills of Constance Neurd and Sadie D’Amour doing what comes natural for them, and boy don’t they make talent look easy, Bravo Ladies!


All in all, it was a stellar performance put on by the cast and crew of the Bluestockings. I had an enchanted evening and just can’t wait to see the next show by this Burlesque Troupe. I want to thank them for having me and I’ve included all of the Facebook links to the performers below if you care to know more about these talented and high-spirited artists.

Honey Tangerine
Rabbi Meat
Sadie D’Amour
Ember Blaize
Constance Neurd
May Hemmer
Picolla Tushy
Hosted by Buster Reaux ( Ren French)
Queens for A Day: A Birthday Tribute Show for Picolla Tushy and May Hemmer!

Take care everyone, and Stay Gold…

Review by: Vincent Piazza


Queens for A Day: A Birthday Tribute Show for Picolla Tushy and May Hemmer! A Burlesque Review by Vincent Piazza was originally published on The Hidden Left Hand