Lilith The Succubus

In the following passages I will shine a dark light on Lilith and how she is revealed in her role as succubus. Her job in this guise is to sleep with men (which they experience as wet dreams), or otherwise collect their semen. Then she becomes pregnant from them and bears demonic children. This process begins with Adam who attempts celibacy for a period of time. That separation from his wife leaves him vulnerable to Lilith (and Naamah, who functions similarly).

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Lilith’s sister, Naamah! Seductive Heart of Darkness!

A small tease of my upcoming Lecture; “Lilith, Queen of the Blood Moon”, Being Held at The Glass Coffin in Austin, Tex on Sunday, October 6th…. See you there.Naamah, Seductive Heart of Darkness, she is a broken Mirror and a Ash filled world. Wild and just wanting to fuck and take the seed, she has gone threw many Incarnations and it shows in her bearing and Attitude. At once slut and queen, mother and sister, her personality and whims change at the drop of a Hat.

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Lilith and the Fox-Spirit, a comparison study…

According to the Scripture of the Golden Register for the Redemption of Sins and for Salvation, written during the Tang Dynasty (618-907 A.D.), during this time period, the Six Heavens became a district of the Northern Realm, and was overseen by the North Emperor Zhenwu. As the Northern Emperor, Zhenwu was responsible for ruling over the various demons and spirits of the…

Lilith and the Fox-Spirit, a comparison study… was originally published on The Hidden Left Hand

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